Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where to give: Part 1

Friday, I wrote this post.  However, my usual link to social media sending thing wasn't working.  So ONE person read it!  Normally, I would be all upset about that, but I'm not.  I am taking that as a sign, that I do need to talk more about these companies and a few others.  So I'm going to do a short series on Wednesdays about where you can give to make a big difference.

If you know of a company or organization that I need to feature, please comment or email me.

Today I'm going to briefly talk about 4 companies.  I am no expert on any of them.  I don't work for any of them.  I have read about what they do and seen it via Mission In Action TV.  So here is my imperfect summary of child sponsorship.

Now you are thinking of all those sad commercials we have all seen more times than we can count.  While the truth is yes these children need you to help them get out of desperate poverty, the story doesn't stop there like the commercials do.  These children that have been sponsored often go on to become successful adults that give back to their community.  By sponsoring one child you are lifting the burden of feeding, clothing, and educating these children from a family with very limited finances.  Your monthly gift will help the child, the family, and the community to become better and stronger people.  I can safely say that all of these companies have a desire to see these people and communities become self sufficient.

1.  My family sponsors 2 children through Compassion International.  Compassion has various programs to help children.  They have a program (whose name I have forgotten) to ensure that pregnant women have a healthy pregnancy and that their babies are healthy as well.  They have the Child Development Centers, which have the sponsored children, that teach parents how to care for their kids better, teach the kids about God and other educational necessities, and feed the children.  They also have leadership development to provide higher education for these young adults from poverty.  There are so many success stories with these programs that I couldn't even begin to list them.  For $38 dollars a month you can sponsor a child.  They also offer trips for the sponsors to the various countries they serve, so you can meet your sponsored child.

2.  Another child sponsorship company is World Vision.  They work to provide help and relief within the US and internationally.  You can sponsor a child from various countries for $35 a month.  They also have specific relief efforts to provide malaria nets, to provide food to the famine in the Horn of Africa, small business loans for women, and much more.  They also work within the US to fight poverty in the US as well.  If you would like to help families in lots of ways, check out World Vision and see what they can do.

3. Number 3 is Child Fund.  For $28 a month, you can sponsor a child through Child Fund.  You can also help fund specific projects all over the world, like cleaning supplies for flood victims in Mississippi, school rehabilitation in Angola, hand tractors in Timor Leste.  They also have a gift catalog with various items at various prices.  I am very impressed with this companies desire to support the entire family financially.

4.  Number 4 is Only Believe.  For $24 dollars a month, you can sponsor an orphan.  For $42 a month, you can sponsor a widow.  This company takes very seriously the call to feed and clothe the orphan and the widow.  They also have a gift catalog that has items specific for elderly widows, young widows, pastors, orphans, and village families.  I am personally in love with their gift catalog.

If you have a particular country on your hearts, you might check all of these companies I am listing to see who is working in that country.  When you  decide to sponsor a child, they have various methods to search for children, by country, by age, by birthdate, etc.  Each one of these companies has a strong desire to help children and families in poverty to live better lives.  They all do amazing work here at home and around the world to see that happen.

You might be wondering about the difference in monthly payments.  The difference depends on the way they run the programs in the foreign country, the assistance they provide to the families and the communities.  Less money does not mean the program is worse.  More money does not mean the program is wasteful.  The companies are all simply different and in different places in the world.  They all allow you to write to your sponsored child, so you can get to know the child and their life.  It isn't just a money thing.  It is telling a child living in poverty that people see you and people care about you.  These are important ministries making a difference in the world.

If you want to make a difference in a child's life, in a family's life, in a community's life, consider sponsoring a child through one of these companies.

In upcoming weeks, supporting missionaries, products that give back, and much more.


  1. Great stuff, Andrea. I have been involved with Compassion and World Vision for many years. I have a friend who runs a great ministry called Solar Under the Sun that is doing great work in Haiti as well.

  2. I'll have to look at that ministry and put it in a future post. Thanks for letting me know.