Friday, January 20, 2012

It's all about Jesus

This was supposed to be posted on Thursday.  However by the time I got Ben to bed I was so tired that I completely forgot to post this.  So you guys get to TWO posts today!

neon home Photo credit: Dan4th

Today was not an easy day.  I found out that a comment I had made to a student was taken personally by another student.  In the end everything was cleared up and everyone was okay with it.  Well, everyone but me. It has bothered me all day.  After I spoke with all parties involved and got it cleared up, my heart was heavy.  I spoke with my husband and that helped a little.  Then I turned to place I should have turned first, God's Word. Even opening the book, I felt the entrance of an answer.  It was still far away and a little fuzzy, but the answer was coming.

Currently I am reading in the book of Isaiah.  The first thing I came upon was Isaiah 51:16.  "I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand."  I need to let him put the words in my mouth and let him cover me with his shadow.  Only then will I have the right words and the right attitude.  Then I came to Isaiah 52:6.  "Therefore my people will know my name."  I am one of his and I know his name.  I need to call on that name and not on my own.  Then I came to the big huge neon sign flashing, Isaiah 53.  "He had no beauty or majesty."  "He took up our pain."  "The punishment that brought us peace was upon him."  "The LORD makes his life an offering for sin."  "For he... made intercession for the transgressor."

There it is.  That is the answer.  Jesus.  It's always about Jesus.

*By the way, I'm totally new to the photo from Flickr thing.  Is this the right way to give credit to someone?

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