Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 1-7

So since I took a break for a couple weeks, I have a monstrously long list.  Happy reading!

Boo: Compelled to Love - Learning love  A great story that really challenged me.  I'm sure it will challenge you too.

The Rabbit Room - They had lots of good Advent meditations, but this one was my favorite.  Here is a sample.
            "We are in the middle of the story.  Jesus coming to save isn't the end.  His coming to bring us to his 
            house is the end.  We're still living out the story and will be until he comes again.  A celestial ray has 
            come to pierce the darkness, but it isn't the final celestial ray."

Laura Parker: Life Overseas - God is not a White Man  Great video.  Great story.  It really makes me think about myself and my motivations.

Red Letter Believers - David said a lot of good stuff the last couple weeks, so here are my favorites.   I never thought of the Wise Men this way or garbage men or rear view mirrors

Beta Christian - He was there, now he's here.  This is the best explanation of Christmas, I have heard.  Amazing!

Pictures of Poverty - I just love the wonderful photos they have.  Here are two.  Haiti and Philippines

World Vision - And speaking of photos. Here are 11 more for 2011 

The Rantings of a Dad - The effects of Mountain Dew and Peek-a-Boo   A funny kid story from a dad.  Good for a laugh.

My heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world - Kingdom 365:3  Something else I needed to hear.  Sometimes that little voice in our head, needs to shut up.

Top of the Page - Grace on a Thursday: Opening Gifts  I needed to hear this!  You probably do too.  Here is part of what I needed to hear.  "God doesn't need burnt out martyrs; He needs strong, healthy followers." Go read the rest of it.

I'd laugh...but all this happened to me - Come and Worship  I am SOOO excited about this series!  Read this, subscribe to this, do this.

True Beggars - How do you feel?  This is an amazing quote!  I can't agree more!!

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