Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 1-28

It seems God was teaching to believe in how big he really is this week and have some fun along the way.  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did.

Compassion - When God give us his Spirit, it is recognizable  “I was taken to a small hut. The man inside the hut saw me and told the women that his spirits did not like the Holy Spirit inside me. He said that the women should go and bring another child to sacrifice.”

The Rantings of a Dad - A different side of love   However, to marry my car is absurd and to eat my wife is cannibalism, not to mention the last time I drove a Big Mac I just got special sauce all over my hands.

101 Books- Was Jane Austen poisoned?   Because of crime research Ashford has done for her crime novels, she says those symptoms were consistent with arsenic poisoning. But, keep in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean murder.

Jaime, the Very Worst Missionary - This is not a Food Blog!  But...  We agreed that a lemon cake with a blackberry pie sounded pretty darn delicious. So using every bit of culinary prowess I could muster, I set about my work, determined to complete the monstrous task of impregnating a cake with a pie.

The Handwritten- Your Fragrance  My fears had become desperation/but/ then you showed up.

World Vision - The State of America's Children  In a report by UNICEF (pdf), the United States was ranked 20th out of 21 countries for child well-being. The groundbreaking report — which explores factors of material well-being, health and safety, education, family and peer relationships, behaviors and risks — exposes some stark realities for American children. It confirms that we are losing gains we’ve made around child well-being — and the outlook is not good.

A Deeper Story - What it means not to judge  One day I wrote, “It makes me sad to say this, but today I feel like God is a God of Grudges, and I know that is not truth.” So I wrote out the truth and realized my habit of shame-carrying, and worse, my habit of putting shame on my own children.

Pictures of Poverty - Tenderness, Indonesia   A beautiful and heartwarming photo.

The View from Here - My Gaurdian Angel  He manifests himself as a middle age man with dark skin, salt and pepper hair and a mustache.  He always wears shorts, a worn t-shirt and tennis shoes.  He uses crutches to get around because his right leg is mangled beyond recognition.  It looks as if it was run over by a tractor, shoved into a wood chipper and then chewed on by wolves. 

The Arizona Russums - Flowers Fade Friday: Choose ONE  I beg of you, choose a church. Stop skipping church, double-dipping, or hopping around. Of course, it’s okay to search for a church for a while when you move to a new town or whatnot, but the search has to end. 

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