Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 1-21

I'm trying something new for Good Stuff Saturday.  Rather than me trying to tell you to go over to this site, I'm going to quote from the post, so you can see how wonderful it is for yourself.  Once again, none of these words are mine.  They come directly from the pen of the blog author.  I encourage you to read their blogs and see all the other words they used.

The Jackson's Journey - 1000 days of marriage -
"In our culture, we throw around phrases like "soulmate" when we talk about the search for our future spouse. We explain that we'll know they are "the one" when we find the person "perfect for us". But those are dangerous things to believe. As a matter of fact - mine and Rusty's relationship almost ended during a trip to Africa in 2008 because of that very belief!" 

The Rabbit Room - A dreamer, A drawer, and a lollygagger
 “Well, I stayed in bed even though I was wide awake. And I drew a lot — I had this dream that I lived in a village by the sea where the streets all ran right into the water!"

Shawn Smucker - If you are kind only to your friends
"He took the man back to the address on the license and opened the door with the key he found in the man’s pocket. He lowered him on to the sofa. He dried the man off. He went back out and caught another cab to his car."
Was this the pastor or the bartender?  Which one are you in this story?

Top of the Page - On Crying
"While I was crying, I had this visual in my head of Jesus smiling at me - no, He was gently laughing - not at me, but in undeniable endearment."

True Beggars - Celebrating God and Race
"No matter what the skin color or facial features or hair texture or other genetic traits, every human being in every ethnic group has an immortal soul in the image of God"

DisciplUS - No disciple is an island
"There is nothing as special and uplifting as sharing a cup of coffee (or your favorite drink) and praying together, studying together, seeking together, and helping one another. This is what makes discipleship possible and powerful."

A Deeper Story - The Pharisees are not dead
"To insist so hard
On the message of grace,
That I ignore
The One who gives it."

A Deeper Story - The Streets full of Hungry People
“cool, man, i love perogies!” and he looked stunned and happy, and i thought about saying something like “God loves you” but instead i said, “i love your necklace,” because that is something i think Jesus would have said.

The Handwritten - Scrapes and Bruises
"I'm getting used to the scraped 
knees and bruised elbows. In fact, I 
appreciate them."

DRGT: Just Wondering - Primary Verb- Follow

"If I can just keep Jesus inside,
where we can have tea once a day,
and talk about life -
well, that's the kind of following that seems doable."


  1. Since I rarely post comments I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the weekly Saturday post (the other days too of course). I've started following several other blogs thanks to your Good Stuff Saturdays!

    1. Thank you so much! My numbers are always down on Saturday, so I've wondered if I should keep doing it. I appreciate the encouragement. It's good to know people are enjoying it! I really needed to hear that.