Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Stuff Saturday 1-14

Much of this weeks reading seems to be talking to me about redefining church.  I guess God is saying something to me.  Maybe he is to you too.  Read some of these and see what you think.

Shawn Smucker - A boy finds God in an empty church  A beautifully written piece about the way God speaks to different people.  Sometimes the silence is louder than when the church is full.

World Vision - Photo blog: Two Year Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake and A different kind of day  Both of these World Vision blogs were super encouraging to me this week.  It is wonderful to hear success stories about things being accomplished.

This Time Around - Maintaining Proper Focus  I needed to hear this Monday.  Stop dwelling on what went wrong.  Fix what you can and move on.  Michelle said it much better, read what she said.

Compassion - Here's to the heroes helping rebuild Haiti and Brokenness before God  The first post is another wonderful success story from this amazing company.  Read it and be encouraged.  This is a quote from the second post: "Brokenness is the antidote to our self-centered nature."  When we are going through hard times, it is easy to forget that God might be working on us even in that moment.  This was an encouraging read as well.

I'd laugh, but this all happened to me - Bad Theology  Two of the quotes from this great post are below.  Read those and then go read the rest of the post.  This is another piece to the redefining church puzzle.
"You don't go the gym to get muscles (salvation), you go the gym to improve them, to make them all they can be. "
"It's not how much a leader knows about leadership that sets them apart; it's what they know about FOLLOWING."

A Deeper Story - I thought church was where we sat down and stood up and sung songs together  One more post about redefining church.  A beautifully written piece that touched my heart when I read it.  When we are loving people, we are being the church.

New Ways Theology - Om Holmes and Watson  We should all strive to be a little more like Watson and a little less like Holmes.  Read what Mason had to say and see if you agree.

Stuff Christians Like - The God you least expect  Our expectations shape our experience, so when you expect God to be one way it shapes your experience of him.  Stop expecting and start experiencing.

Casey Leigh - What if - A beautiful post full of positive what ifs.  We would all be a little better if we did one or two of these.

DRGT: Just Wondering - It's time: The water is ready Water is so much more than something to drink or something to clean us.  God speaks to us and tells important things through it.  Read Diana's poetically written thoughts and see what it means for you.

Nicodemus @ Nite - You're not valuable  If you are not reading this blog, you should be.  I am constantly amazed at the truth and reality of what Charlie talks about.  Valuable is a loaded word and we don't even realize that.  So read on and realize you are not valuable.  You are important.

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