Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The two greatest evils in the world!

You are now asking yourself how can you possibly narrow it down to two?  I mean after all there are 7 deadly sins.  Well lucky for you I have the inside track.  I know what the two greatest evils in the whole world are.  Coffee and showers.  Yes i said coffee and showers!  What?  You are caught by surprise?  I thought those had to be the top of everyone's list.  Okay, okay.  You are a little confused, so I will explain it for you.

Coffee is evil because it has caffeine and sugar tastes amazing in it.  Oh and it's hot and easy to make.  All of those contribute to an easy unhealthy drink whose sirens song is impossible to avoid.  I have been trying to give it up and I can't.  Then I feel guilty about not wanting some.  Every couple days I talk myself into a cup.  Then I go without for a few days and feel successful.  That successful feeling is normally accompanied by a headache that I assume is because I'm addicted to the caffeine.  So coffee is evil with her silky brown sugary headache inducing goodness.  I genuinely am debating about if I am too hard on myself about this or not.  I would love any thoughts here.

Showers are the second greatest evil in the world.  How is a steamy relaxing wonderland evil?  Because it takes time and when you work too many hours already, showers just don't fit in.  Showering before work means a bad hair day and getting up too early.  Showering too late is like wasting the relaxing water.  Showering in the evening is ideal, but then we come back to family time.  Showering forces one to choose between family and cleanliness.  And that is just evil!  However, showers and I have been working on a compromise.  I can see some hope for redemption in the future.

Thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree?  Let's talk about this.

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  1. ...You seem to be describing simple pleasures and indulgences of the flesh here..not necessarily 'sins'..occasionlly that line can become blurred to is the OVER-indulgence of the carnal/flesh that we must (re)learn to moderate and control BECAUSE the flesh will always lead us AWAY from Spirituality..the first step in 're-covery' is to slow down our mind and the mental processes taking place inside our heads..The Spirit likes quiet..learn to literally reduce the AMOUNT of noise passing through your ears during your day..practice sitting perfectly still and quiet for short periods with no distractions..many will not be able to do this without becoming fearfully distraught/disturbed emotionally..this is a normal occurance as we allow our conscience to catch-up with us so to speak,but we must submit to and allow its probing if we are to progress to the deeper levels of christian spirituality... Water has natural healing/soothing qualities,a hot bath can be an excellent opportunity to practice mindfullness and cessation from deliberate intentional mental activity...Michael Singer has written an outstanding book on the subject of controlling ones thoughts called "The Untethered Soul",i highly recommend it.. FYI: interestingly the latest research has revealed that coffee is in many cases the primary source of much needed nutrients for many coffee drinkers..We now know that Caffiene itself is highly addictive and withdrawl symptoms can be pronounced at then should come as no suprise to learn that in many cases it is discreetly added to many non coffee related beverages in an effort to keep you coming back for more..When we become addicted to anything we are in bondage to it..sooner or later,in each specific instance,we all will be confronted in a moment of truth with our dilena whatever it may be..a 'defining moment' if you will..sometimes we will address the particular addiction or issue and resolve to overcome it..othertimes we will immediately mentally suppress the hounds(thoughts)..refusing to allow the thoughts to remain in consciousness long enough to facilitate any serious reflection..but its been my experience that 'the hounds' ALWAYS return again given the slightest opportunity until put to final rest....