Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 12-17

The Rabbit Room - Of good boys and slaves: An Advent Meditation  Good boy?  Bad boy?  Han Solo?  Luke Skywalker? No to all of the above.  Read this and see who we really need.

World Vision - The real Christmas story | Blog 7 of the 12 blogs of Christmas  A wonderful and realistic look at the Christmas story.  I loved what it had to say.  I think you will too.

DRGT/ Just Wondering - Advent 3:  Good News  What does the Good News look like?  How should we react?  What should it smell like? Diana answers all this.  Here is a sampling of this amazing post.
 Do I smell like Jesus? 
 Does my life carry the scent of invitation,
of welcome and renewal,
of hope and praise and joy?

Not the false scent of polite,
"Oh, I'm just fine, really I am - just fine."
Not the musky cover-up of pollyannish 'cheer.'

Beta Christian - The usual suspects: One of the 22,000  The story of Gideon never seemed so alive as it does here.  It makes me realize how real the people of the Bible were or are.

El Chupacabra writes a blog - My symphony  Often we wish we could do something better to worship God, but then we miss the symphony he has given us.

Stuff Christians Like - Losing your Religion  How often do we underestimate the Holy Spirit?  How much more could he do?  A few thoughts on that in this post.

New Ways Theology - The day after a good post: Peace for moody writers   This was the peace I needed to hear about blogging, writing, popularity, etc.  So wonderful!

A Deeper Story - God with us I have never looked at this phrase quite like Sarah does.  I don't know that I will look at it the same way again.  You need to read this one!

World Vision - Occupy Advent | Blog 9 of the 12 blogs of Christmas A heartbreaking story shouldn't just end there.  It should mean more especially this season.  Read this and see what you think.

This is my blog - Cause I like calories in my whipcream  Kim is an amazing person who is so thoughtful!  She is truly showing the Christmas spirit.  Read about what she is doing.

Nicodemus @ Nite - Construction Box Syndrome  Are we stepping over the messy areas or dealing with them?  Read this AMAZING analogy.  See where you find yourself.

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