Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 12-10

Laura Parker: Life Overseas - The Guy in the Rice Field Never Read Wild at Heart {&Maybe He's Happier}  - Sometimes God is calling us to work right where we are.  This one really made me think.  I loved it!

DRGT: Just Wondering - Advent: Remembering the ways of God  - Diana always has beautiful words and the words for the beginning of Advent are no different.  This is just lovely.

Stuff Chirstians Like - Booty, God, Booty the Video: Part 1 - The Prayer Shot Block - The video might be for teens, but I loved it.  Funny and insightful, like always.  Check it out!

Red Letter Believers - How to bear good fruit from an imperfect family tree  - Amazing post!  It left me speechless.

True Beggars - Being Salt - Todd always has the most amazing illustrations to explain his poing.  This one is no different.  You have to go read this!

The View from Here - A Perfect Storm - Tough times, but you could help!  Read this and see what you can do.

Beta Christian - We all go back in the box - Wow!  Good thoughts here and to me they are related to the first one.  Read on and see what you think.

The Handwritten - I'm tired  I could not agree more with this!  I am so here right now.  Read this and get a glimpse into my thoughts as well.

Nicodemus @ Nite - Worshiping a Peacoat - Superb post!  Relating to the previous one, are we following God or just the stuff He does.  Read this and it will make a lot more sense.

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