Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#4 Home and private schooling August 5

Originally these thoughts were shared over at You, Me, and Jesus.  It sparked a little bit of a debate, which contributed to this one arriving at #4 on our countdown.  It also taught me a little something as well.  I hope you have been enjoying this as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.  The top 3 will be revealed soon.

I am not trying to make you mad.

I have an honest question that I would like opinions on. There are many arguements both for and against home and private schooling. As a Christian mother and public school teacher, I really only have one big question. Before I get there though, I would like to dispose of a couple talking points. Socialization of these kids comes up, but that is a pretty large issue and rather dependent on individual child, so we aren't talking about that.

I do also understand that there are some children that need to be in classes of 3 to 5 kids, but they are few and far between. I understand there are academic advantages to private schools as well as well prepared home schools. However I think there are ways to interact with the public schools and achieve this. I understand that there are burnt out teachers and bullies that can do harm to a child, but for this discussion I would hope your Christian child living in a Christian home would believe in his/ her worth according to God.  I would also hope he/she was taught about the sorrow, anger and pain those without God must live in. So I'm not sure taking him/her out is a healthy answer for the Christian child.

I also understand hoe the current school system fails boys every day. Therefore I understand the desire to give them a little more maturing time. I also realize there are plenty of non-Christians attending private schools. However, being there they hear the gospel often whereas non- Christians in public school don't. I also understand there are non-Christian concepts taught as fact in school today. But once again a Christian child in a Christian home should not be swayed by these things.

So with those points out of the way, I have a question. How does a parent reconcile The Great Commission that is give to every Christian including children with the separation of these other schooling methods? I have seen multiple examples of Christian students making a significant impact for God amongst their peers. Some have even been brought to salvation because of the example of these kids. Should we protect them from these negative things when this is the world Jesus sent them too? At what point is it detrimental to the Kingdom when we are making it better for our kids?

Once again, I am not trying to make anyone mad. I am simply wondering where our parental and Christian responsiblities lie. Please share your opinions with me. I have not made up my mind. I simply don't see the other side of this discussion, so please show it to me.

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