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#3 A love story: The Conclusion August 12

These 2 posts about my love affair with Dimaggio's pizza were very well received as both of them showed up on this countdown.  I was a bit surprised that this one showed up higher than the first installment.  As an epilogue to the story, we visited Dimaggio's again over Christmas.  That story is for another post though.


So a couple weeks ago I posted about how excited I was to go visit Dimaggio's and get a mushroom pizza. I did get to eat a mushroom pizza at Dimaggio's. However, there were a few other unexpected events and I fear these unexpected events may bring an end to this love affair. Read on if you have the heart to see the end of a good thing.

Wed. Night came along and it was time to be reunited with my love and I got to hang out with my family too.  Mom, Aunt, Cousin, Drew, Ben and I arrived at Dimaggio's and it wasn't too busy. For those of you that haven't been there, it is a small cozy restaurant. There are maybe 20 or 25 tables and booths in the dining room. There is a private room that can be rented or opened depending on patronage that night. With 6 of us eating, we sat at a circular table in the middle of the dining room.

Things were going well. Ben was being cute and not too loud. We ordered and I got my mushroom and bacon pizza. I even did my first Facebook check in for the occasion. We got our pizza and put some on Ben's plate. Then it happened. He saw the Parmesan cheese. You all have been there right? Tell me you've been there. Your 2 year old becomes obsessed with something. You try to distract him and he's having none of it. He wants his thing and if he doesn't get it he's going to cause a scene.

Remember this is a small restaurant with one open dining area. There is nowhere to hide. I could take him to the bathroom for his fit or a spanking or both, but this is family time. The twice a year family time. I don't want to ruin it with a sobbing screaming toddler even in the bathroom. We could leave, but everyone just started eating and we all came together. So I just let him have some cheese. He ate a little pizza and wanted more cheese. I gave him more, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted the cheese shaker. I gave in like weak little weakling. (No metaphors came to mind.). He shook a little pile of cheese on his pate and put the shaker down. I tried to move it, but he wasn't having it. He got it back and shook out some more. He ate his little pile of cheese with his fingers and kept shaking. This went on for the rest of the meal. He used the entire shaker of cheese. He ate some of it, but much of it was left on his plate. I am growing mortified at the pile left on his plate and the empty shaker on the table. I don't have to come back here, but the rest of my family does. Everyone knows who I am and now they see what a wasteful, irresponsible parent that I am. I have to make it better.

I only have a couple pieces of pizza left. I gather some of the cheese and put it on my pizza. Thankfully Ben doesn't complain. I eat a piece and prepare the next. I get halfway through it and there is still more cheese. So I empty the rest of the cheese on my half a piece. Then Graceful Me decides to make an appearance and I drop the plate. I don't even know how I did it. The floor is carpeted so the plate lands safely on the floor, but so does all the cheese. A large pile of cheese is now settling into the carpet. You know the restaurant grade solid packed carpeting. Did I mention it is a dark green almost black color. Parmesan cheese shows up on that carpeting. There's nothing to be done. I was the last one to finish eating.

I pick up my plate and we pick up our checks. We comment that we need to leave nice tips and do. We joke that they will put up pictures of Ben and I and not let us back in. We get to the van and move on to McDonald's for dessert coffee. Mom drops off Aunt and Cousin at their homes. We go back to our home for the week. The night has ended and I think, "Is this love story ended as well?"


The answer to that is no because a couple days later we had Dimaggio's pizza delivered. Ben ate and the Parmesan cheese didn't make an appearance.

If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy a couple other adventures in eating that I have shared. Well they involve food anyway.

Bad Service = God's Plan
A love story

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