Friday, December 30, 2011

#2 I have nothing to add September 8

This original post was on You, Me, and Jesus.  I'm glad to be able to share it here as well.  I am glad to see that this is so high on the countdown.  Maybe that means there are lots of people think the same thing.  


The 10th anniversary of 9-11 is coming up on Sunday.  I have seen advertisements for TV specials and magazine articles about the subject.  I have had a couple students mention it.  And it feels odd to me.
Every year I feel out of place about this topic.  Some people tell stories of where they were and what they thought.  I rarely talk about me. I'm more apt to tell a story about my husband or some of his friends.  However that feels a bit like a betrayal.  Those that were there are the ones that suffered and deserve the day to remember or forget.  Those that are fighting and the family thereof deserve the day to remember.  To me, telling my story seems so insignificant.  Telling their story doesn't feel like my business.  So I have nothing to add to the conversation.  Therefore these few words are all I have to say about it.  

The only thing more I could say is that I pray for those who do have something to add.

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