Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Thanksgiving that I became an adult

Turkey  Photo Credit: Rene S.
(I didn't make that!)

This is the first Thanksgiving that I did lots of cooking. I can't say that I ever remember cooking. Maybe a dessert because I wanted to, but not the main part of the meal. Today that all changed and I'm excited about it. I got up early and started lunch. And by early I mean 7. Yeah I know that isn't early to the turkey makers out there, but to me on Thanksgiving it is early. I started by walking to my mother in laws house or get butter and eggs for the cake. I got them returned and started the cake. After adding the dry ingredients, I realized that I added baking soda instead of baking powder. I quickly googled the results of such an occurrence and I was assured it would cause no permanent damage to the cake. So I continued baking. When the cake went in the oven, I returned the butter to my mother in laws.

That was 2 trips down the road in my Snoopy pajama pants and Flats for work. It was a strange outfit, but isn't that what Thasgivning morning is made for? Back to the house and the cake. The cake took a little longer than expected and came out looking a little small, but no worries it would taste great. After the cake was cooled, I iced it with the chocolate glaze frosting that I made up last week. We had a storage container of milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. I melted those and added some milk and powdered sugar. Not necessarily for an icing, but just to see what it would taste like. It was good!

Anyway on to the big portion of the meal. We decided since this was our first year cooking a turkey would be too much, so we went with a turkey loaf. A delicious alternative that comes with its own gravy. It takes 2 hours or so in the oven and nothing more. Yay for simple! That went in the oven while the cake was cooling. After a short rest, I looked at the next item on my list, stuffing. It was from a box, once again we were going with the stuff you can't mess up. I realized I needed butter, so I sent Drew back for butter. He got it and I made the stuffing without a hitch. Then on to the instant mashed potatoes. (I know you are thinking that I cheated on everything. You are probably right. :P). Lots of milk and butter later, they were pretty darn good.

We prepared everything for transport down to Nana's house, met a guest in our driveway, and headed down for our lunch. We got there and there was a ton of food. It was all so good. Sitting around the kitchen table it was rather Norman Rockwell. Except for the fact that my son only wanted candy and corn and the cake tasting like baking soda. Thankfully Nana made a pumpkin spice cake that was delicious and the homemade icing by Uncle A was awesome as well. It was Norman Rockwell except for those two minor issues. 

Epilogue: Of course we went to eat with his dad's side of the family and that was delicious and fun. We came back for dinners and a movie at Nana's. Ben acted nuts because he didn't have a nap. I had more stuffing and potatoes for both lunch and dinner today. And a huge chunk of the pumpkin spice cake.

Moral: I cooked half of a Thanksgiving meal even though I'm not really a cook. It was good. I ruined a cake even though I am a baker. All titles go out the window for Thanksgiving!

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