Thursday, November 17, 2011

Susan Boyle

The other night I watched this special about Susan Boyle.  It was good, but I disagreed a little with the point of view.

I was planning on writing a nice post today about what a wonderful person Susan Boyle is and I expected her to be a superstar.  However, today has not gone as planned and I don't have the time to do it now.  So I'm just going to publish the thoughts I jotted down yesterday.  Hope that makes sense.

Of course she is a superstar!  She had a hard life, which is really pretty normal by most standards.  She is still not perfect, but she achieved her dream with hard work and some risk.  She was shined up when someone took the effort to look at her inside and make the outside match.  She gives to people generously.  She is not stingy with her talent or her love.  She gives it.  Isn't that what we hope every superstar is?  Isn't that the mold we try to make them fit?  Why are there so many tabloid articles if we didn't expect people to be that way and they aren't?

Better posts next week, I promise.  Love you guys.  Thanks for sticking around even during the crazy times.


  1. i heard some things about her by my grandma and she told me about her strange audition on their shows but i now i can agree with that.. and you make her seem like a nice person.. i am not totally sure of this but my grandma also says that she is a good nice person. but in the video it looks as if she is emotionally unstaible? curiousity is trying to get information about her bnut i knos that i already missed this thing about her but all i know from this is that, she is 1. a great singer and 2. she is some emotoinal issues but apparently a nice person. we find the characteristics of a good person in the strangest of people.

  2. The TV station showed the emotional parts all together like it happened that way in real life to make you think it was some ground-breaking thing. It really wasn't all that. I think it was over the span of a few months that all that happened. She was/is an emotional person and she shows it. It talked about her getting lonely living alone. It talked about her getting frustrated and mad with all the media attention. It talked about her being overwhelmed and pleased with her fans. I think all that stuff is pretty normal.

  3. My aunt loves her she talks about her alot! and she s a really great singer but its cool in the video how they expected her to sound bad and not do good but then she suprised them all when she sang. Im not much for this kind of music but i think i could handle it, and like he said she does seem like she may have some emotional issues but she seems like she would be a really nice person and you dont see many of those.