Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stuff, just stuff

Well Wednesday has come and I have been busy, busy, busy at work.  Honestly it has pretty much used all my brain power, so I haven't thought about what to write.  I have had passing thoughts, but none of them seemed enough to turn into a whole blog post.  So I decided to join the revolution.  What revolution you ask.  The write whatever happens to be on your mind revolution, like Julie and Michelle did on Monday.

Maybe terming it a revolution is a little much, but it sounded good.  And of course being me, I have to number them and it has to be a multiple of 5.

1.  I really dislike the term unpacking.  I heard it twice recently basically as a synonym for explaining.  I guess there is a little more than just that to it, but that's the general idea.  When did this term become so popular?  Is it some new fad I don't know about?  Maybe this is all because I just don't like unpacking.  I don't really know where my personal aversion comes from, but it is there.  I picture that in my head like those Expedia commercials where they move the boxes around.  That is just a silly mental image to go with whatever it is we are "unpacking."
2.  I love entertaining my son.  We were on the master bed earlier tonight and he was telling me some amazing story that involved counting to 10 and some other stuff I didn't quite catch.  Later we were flying, which is what he calls it when I lay on my back, put him on my feet, and 'fly' him around.  He's holding my hands and he crashes onto the bed, so it's safe.  Besides my legs are way stronger than my arms are, so that makes the game easier than the more traditional methods.
3.  Ben's hair is too long.  He needs a haircut.  I wouldn't mind his hair being a little longer if it wasn't so thick and Einstienish.  It goes everywhere!  I will comb it and 10 seconds later, it's all over the place again.  Ben is thinking it is too long also.  I know that because he wears finds my barrettes and asks to put them in his hair when it gets too long.
4. NaNoWriMo started today.  I thought I had a character and a vague plot outline to work on.  And then the actual start time comes and I have nothing.  I have random pieces of conversations floating around in my head, but nothing more than that.  It's a little depressing.
5.  Last night we did a reverse trick or treating.  Ben walked with me to the door to hand out candy to the kids.  When I gave them candy, I gave him a piece as well.  It worked out well and allowed me to do what I love best at Halloween - hand out candy to the kids.  I love greeting them at the door, talking about their costumes, and wishing them a Happy Halloween.  In case you want to get enmeshed in the Halloween/Christianity debate.  Read this from me, this from Mandisa, this from A Deeper Story, this from The Scriptorium, and this from The Colbert Report.  I'm sure there are many more posts that I could send you too, but I think those are plenty to get you thinking.

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