Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday is my Muse 11-14

The entirety of me

A broken and bleeding Savior
Appears to save no one.
We turned our backs on
This vile, violent picture
Of a man too week to
Save himself.
God give us eyes to see
The strength of our Savior,
The love of our Savior,
The glory of our Savior.

A broken and bleeding Savior
Saves everyone from everything.
We bend our bodies away from
The holiness of this scene.
Our hearts are rended
Out of their stone tombs and
Blossom into the Light.
We begin to become the people
We were made to be.
God give us strength to
Stand with you, to
Love the way you love.

"Give us yourself again.
This time we care.
This time we won't waste it."
Words that hope to be true,
But can not be achieved.

"Lord give me nothing because
I give the entirety of me.
Take me. Use me.
Mold me. Make me."
The right words
The right attitude
The right heart

The entirety of me is
All for you.

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