Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 11-6

Red Letter Believers  Tebowing -- Righteous prayer or holy mockery?  I was wondering this myself.  Good thoughts and a connection I didn't make.  

A Deeper Story  With apologies to Estes Park  Sometimes we all want to go back and change something. We can't change it, but maybe we can make it better.

DRGT: Just Wondering  When God asks the questions: What do you want me to do for you?  I love this series.  The questions are never just so easy

A Deeper Story  I am not your Holy Spirit This is exactly me!  Oh, I needed to hear this!

Nicodemus @ Nite Gathering the inner tubes Great story that tells an amazing lesson.  What lies are you working toward?

Heather Summers Open letter to Jacob Black I think these are so funny.  Maybe you don't, but here it is anyway

Wives of Faith New shoes, new attitude  What are you comparing?  Something might look good or bad depending on what you are comparing with.  Read this and see what I mean.

The Handwritten  Hold on to Hope  Just great post.  Go read it.

Jon Acuff Blog The biggest lie about travel we all believe Where we are physically does not always mean we are with someone.  Good post.

Compassion - Amazing and inspiring video about what is going on for God in other countries.

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