Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 11-26

Red Letter Believers  How to see gain through the pain  Life is difficult, but it isn't all bad.  Read on and see if you agree.

Faith, Family and the Farm Oodles of Noodles  This is a great story.  I loved it, so I thought I would share.

The Handwritten  Truth's best friend  There is so much in these few words.  These are words to live by I think.  Read it and see what you think.

EC writes  Alaskan funk- Short term mission gone...meh...  What is a mission trip?  Should it look like this? Not sure.  Read it and see what you think.

The Jacksons' Journey  A different kind of Thanksgiving: Part 1  The Sound of Hope has been travelling this Thanksgiving and we have a lot for which we should give thanks.  See what Erika is thankful for.

Short list this week.  Several bloggers taking time off for the holidays.  Next week will be back to normal.

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