Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 11-19

Compassion  When does a boy become a man?  Wonderful post about an amazing young man.  Read the one he mentions as well.  That one gives more information on the young man.

Red Letter Believers  What your slice of pie says about you  This one really got me thinking.

Faith, family, & the farm  Aaaaahhhhhh Uncle  Sometimes we need to give up our ideas for God's ideas.  This is a good example.

Bryan Allain  A little about you and firmness  This one made me laugh.  I hope it will you too.

The Jackson's Journey  Indian Wedding Party  This is a super cool video about a pretty neat tradition.  What if we celebrated weddings this way?  Would marriages matter more?

Jeff's Journal  #1-Bible  Being relatively new to smart phones, Ipads, and what not, apps are new to me.  Having a little review of them is nice.  This one sounds really cool.

Jaime, the very worst missionary  Proud wife of the bearded giant  Bragging on husbands is a good thing, especially when they are on a funny TV show like this.  It's in Spanish and it's hilarious.  Even if you don't speak English, you might enjoy it.

And I'm loving this!  How did I miss this Silly Song?  Of course, Ben likes The Hairbrush Song, but I get one in every once in a while.

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