Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't order the water!

I talk about food a lot on my blogs.  It's kind of a favorite thing of mine.  You would think with the previous 9 posts about food I would be running out of stories, but I have not run out yet.  Today I'm pulling out a couple old stories for your reading pleasure.  One from when I was a kid and one from last year.

The pizza place

For several years when I was a kid, we lived in a suburb of St. Louis.  Several times my grandparents came to visit us.  One of those times my maternal grandmother came to visit.  Of course we would go out to eat and if you were going out to eat, the thing to eat was pizza.  Maybe your family was different, but in my family eating out mostly meant going to a pizza parlor.  This particular pizza place is rather fuzzy in my memory, probably because this is the last time we went there.  I know it was at night and that it was painted dark inside the place. I know we sat at a table and not a booth.  I'm pretty sure I was sitting beside my dad.  There were 5 of us at the table.  The waitress arrived and took our orders.  She returned with the drinks and I'm pretty sure she messed something up.  I think it was sweet tea instead of unsweet tea.  Minor error.  It could happen to anyone.  No need to worry.  She took our order, which included a salad for at least my grandmother.  We waited a pretty average amount of time for the pizza.  When it arrived, it was completely wrong, wrong toppings and everything.  My dad pointed out that we didn't order this.  The waitress insisted that we did and that Grandma Ann ordered it that way.  My dad argued with her because the only thing grandma said was blue cheese and water.

This particular incident stuck with me because I couldn't believe the waitress would be so wrong about who ordered and what we ordered.  Then on top of that she argued with the customer about the whole thing!  I have never had another waitress be so wrong with everything.  I don't even remember what the pizza tasted like or the name of the place.  I just remember the waitress saying grandma had ordered it.

Spilled Water

Speaking of odd waitresses, once a group of my husband's friends, my husband, and I went out to eat.  We went to a local restaurant here in town.  I ordered water.  The waitress served the drinks and spilled the water.  It headed straight toward my husband's lap, who was in the back corner of the booth.  I don't think it actually landed on him though.  The waitress had to figure out how to clean up the water.  She decided to use a rag to sweep the water and ice onto the floor and then use a mop to mop it up.  I have never seen another waitress or waiter deal with spilled water that way.  The most memorable thing about that visit wasn't the waitress though.  We were there after the funeral of a dear friend who was gone too soon.  We figured the spilled water was one last practical joke.  I don't think there ever was a glass of spilled water that was quite so special.

Babies and Newbies

One last story and this one also involves unique wait staff and spilled water.  Around the time that Ben turned 1, we went out to eat with another couple.  We went to a local family bar and grill type place.  The waiter was obviously new and rather nervous.  We ordered our drinks and I ordered water.  He served the water and got it too close to Ben.  Of course being curious, he grabbed the top of the glass and turned it over before we could blink.  He was soaking wet and the waiter was apologizing profusely.  Thankfully we had an extra outfit, but it was his pajamas.  I can't wait to talk about the time we stripped him down to change in the middle of a restaurant.  I think the waiter flubbed the food, but not too bad.  When it came time for the checks, he asked how we would pay.  We said 2 checks.  Then he asked how to split it.  We were a bit baffled.  The guy and gal that were attending to the baby would be one check and the guy and gal sitting away from said baby would be another check.  That seemed rather obvious to us, but like I said he was new and nervous.  So we explained payment arrangements and handed over our cards in the fancy pay envelopes.  He rang it up and handed back the cards to the wrong people.  My husband's card with his picture was handed to the wife of the other couple and vice versa.  Once again new and nervous, but we were amused.

Moral of the story:  Don't eat out with us, especially if someone is ordering water!

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