Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being thankful

On Wednesday I made a photo list of things for which I am thankful. However I didn't get to say much about it, so I thought I would elaborate here. In case you want to see the photo list, here it is. 1. Cute shoes- I only bought the because they were on sale at Avenue. I'm so glad I did! They are super comfy! And obviously cute. 2. A thank you gift- my principal surprised me with this book as a thank you gift fory hard work at school. I was so honored. Last week we had a book fair, but I didn't have the money to buy what I wanted. So God was looking out for me! 3. Comfy socks- I got these in a bag of hand me down clothes for Ben. The idea of "a perfect pair" of personalized socks as wedding favors is cool. When you don't know the people it is a little weird. However, I kept them and they are super comfy. The were still in the original packaging with Brad and Jenny's picture still on them, so they were like new socks. 4. Being technology coordinator has its benefits. The iPad I am typing this on is one of them. 5. Thanksgiving break- I needed a few days to rest. So glad I get to. Spend time with family while I am resting. 6. Abbey is an amazing dog, even when she walks too close to you and constantly wants to play and bakers when Ben is sleeping. She is still the best dog I have ever had. 7. Jersey day at school gives me the chance to letmy students into my world a little more. It is a good thing. 8. I thought the idea of the turkey pumpkin was silly, but I went with it. SO glad I did. It is so super cute! 9. I love Sweet N Nutty at our mall. The ice cream is great and the owners are amazing! We go almost every time we are at the mall. 10. I also love Sports Fan Attic because Drew has to go there every time we are at the mall. 11. Texas Roadhouse has amazing food! And we got to go eat with one of the teens from our youth group. Fun! 12. I love that Emerson's Coffee is beside Pretzel Time. They are both great and they go together so well! 13. Jack and Jill is an amazing store where they encourage Ben to play with the train set, with parental supervision of course. The owners are super nice. They have great stuff to buy,including shoes to fit the extra wide foot of my son. 14. Family- I am blessed with wonderful and quirky family members. Holidays like this really make me thankful for who I have. 15. I love workdays when I can work with my son. Ben plays very well and I get so much done. 16. Pumpkin marshmallow Scentsy. Nothing else needs to be said. 17. Sun Drop is wonderful, but it is even more amazing when I have been cutting back on caffiene. Then I really enjoy the treat! 18. I love baking for people, but I so rarely get to bake for my family because we don't need a whole cake sitting around. Thanksgiving gave me a wonderful chance even if it didn't turnout so good. 19. Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon and Benis starting to like it too! Hurray for goofy mysteries! 20. I love the curtains in my living room, now if I could just find good curtain rods. 21. Art is everywhere. I love when it surprises me on a street corner though. 22. Ben gives high fives to everyone. I love that! 23. Golden China is the most amazing Chinese restaurant in town. The fact that the owners are so understanding and caring toward Ben helps. As evidenced by the fact that they let him observe and touch their fish tank. 24. I love seeing my parents play with Ben. It is so special. Honorable mention- 1. Ben clutches his hands together whenhe is focused on something. It is super cute!!! 2. This particular picture is just so amazing. I think it looks like a magazine picture, but it is actually just a grocery stor photo. PS Sorry this is late!

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