Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When TV goes bad...

I love watching all kinds of history shows, even the ones about the Bible.  Of course they interview people who have some far fetched ideas about God.  Inevitably, I get frustrated and want to throw something.  Normally, I roll my eyes a lot and explain it to them as if they could hear me through the TV.  I do genuinely enjoy hearing the perspective of these other people to see if my thoughts about God still fit with their theories.  A couple of them in the program today where they seem to miss the obvious.

1.  Gilgemesh is older and therefore God must not be real.  Many Bible stories are similar to stories from ancient Mesopotamia, so the guy who wrote the Bible just piled them all up and made a new religion.  OR the Bible is REAL and the other civilizations drew their stories from the REAL events that happened in pre-written Biblical history.  So God did it all and other civilizations remember that.

2.  Lilith was Adams first wife because the account of human creation is written twice.  OR it was written once and then the second part was a more detailed account.  Both of them were Eve.  And for that matter if humanity was created twice, why did Adam get in both times, but the woman didn't.  So women have gotten the short end of the stick from the beginning of time?  Do we really want to create a reason for women to be 'less than' instead of believing that the creator of the universe created women with a specific and equal purpose in mind.  Not that we are the same as men because we aren't, but we are certainly as important to God as men.  And vice versa.  Men and women are equal with God!  That is one of the many beautiful things about the story of creation.

UGH!  It is frustrating to continually see only one side of the story reported.  I guess I should appreciate that they even want to discuss the Bible on TV, but reporting both sides of the story would be more helpful!


  1. Whoa! You mean the people in the TV can't actually hear me? I'll have to remember that during the next football game. I'm so disappointed. Maybe if I yell a little louder...

  2. Ha Ha! I needed that laugh this week.