Friday, October 28, 2011

Sit and breathe

I am exhausted!  This year I have found myself with many more responsibilities than I had last year.  I am now co-chair of the School Improvement Team, Elective Arts chair, Technology coordinator, and webpage administrator on top of the regular classroom duties.  Most days it isn't that much to do.  It is a little extra every day, but rarely is it multiple things to do in a day.  This week was one of the rare weeks.  It seems like I have just been running and running and running to accomplish everything this week.  This was also a 4 day week for students and their first one in a while.  That means they have all been absolutely nuts!  On top of my actual work stuff, Drew had a church board meeting, regular Wed. service, Drew worked late to help prepare for the barbecue, and translating for an ESL parent night for me.  Tonight we have Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  Tomorrow the semi-annual church barbecue, which will be all day for Drew.  Sunday is the fall festival and Trunk or Treat.  We are very busy people and the result of all this busyness is exhaustion.  This is one of those weeks when sitting down seems to be a luxury.

Having said all of that, I have genuinely enjoyed the times I have been sitting down.  I have not taken for granted the rare moments of peace this week.  Wednesday night, I caught up on some detective dramas on DVR and read a little about Solomon and his son.  Thursday night, I watched the World Series and read a little more.  Monday and Tuesday I was crabby, so I didn't really enjoy anything!  I am looking forward to the conference today. (Mostly because there won't be any students!)  I am looking forward to Yo Gabba Gabba tonight as well.  I think what I enjoyed most this week was the hour or so yesterday that Ben sat with me.  We watched TV and had a snack.(*)  I could just sit and breath and enjoy life a little.  Even though we have been extremely busy, God has blessed us with some time to just sit and breathe.  I have actually been in the moment and enjoyed exactly what I was doing exactly when I was doing it.

(*)Side note: I was so scatterbrained yesterday that I handed Ben his popsicle and forgot to open it.  He sat with me for several minutes chewing on it.  Then he handed it to me and said, "here."  I started to eat the rest, which seemed to be a lot, and noticed a problem.  I hadn't cut it open!  So I fixed the problem and Ben happily chomped on popsicle.

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