Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-8

Stuff Christians Like  Why I hate surrender  Great thoughts about what surrender really is and what we get in return.

A Deeper Story  Just hear me  When we listen to people, it is easier to love them.  Good thoughts here.

The View from Here  Piles of Burning Trash  Where you are looking makes a big difference in what you see.  Read this for a great example

Faith, Family, and the Farm  The part and the crown cowlick  Sometimes it takes us a while, but we learn.  Great thoughts here about how life can teach us things about God.  There was another post from this week that I thought was awesome and helpful.  Read that one too.

The Rabbit Room  It is what it is, but not what is shall be  Wonderful thoughts about what is to come.  And a fabulous illustration to really drive the point home.  This is written much better than my feeble description.

My Heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world  If I am a missionary, why do I suck so bad sometimes  Kristen's honesty is beautiful and painful.  Read this.  You will be different after you do.

New Ways Forward  Stephen Colbert on God and Hell  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful interview clip.  I love the way he expresses himself.  You need to go here and watch the clip.

Compassion  Fast Living: How the Church will end Extreme Poverty  An über-awesome explanation of fasting.You won't see it the same way again.

Goins, Writer  Steve Jobs & Leaving a Legacy  Amazing thoughts about the man who has changed the world and the legacy he has left behind him.  There are several other great articles here, so just read the rest of the week while you are there.

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