Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-29

The view from here  When did Christians start hating religion?  There are some great thoughts here about the growing animosity between Christians and their religion.

World Vision  The other side of being a child-through the lens of sponsored children There are some great photos here that these beautiful children have taken.

anna smith  True Life:: when someone poops in your stairwell  Awesome story with an awesome lesson.  You should read this!!

This Time Around Thoughts on My Obituary  Some amazing thoughts about how to be missable.

Compassion Isn't 30 years enough to learn how to prevent catastrophes like the East African drought?  Everything that goes around comes around, right?  Sometimes we don't want that to happen.  Some great thoughts here.

El Chupacabra writes a blog Ministry: while not when  Oh my gosh!  This is an amazing post about ministry.  I hate to try to sum it up when there is so much to say about it!

Jon Acuff  The biggest lie that keeps you from dreaming  Wow!  This spoke to me because I do say that.  Putting it in words like that makes it seem all the sillier to be saying.

Mrs. Skinny's BBQ, Books, and Babies  Breastfeeding Saga  Oh I remember these days!  This is so hard and so common.  Everyone needs to know this!

Faith, Family & the Farm Scottie  A wonderful story about an amazing man who did his best to change the world around him.

The Scriptorium  Thank God for Halloween  Oh these are some amazing thoughts about Halloween and what it should mean to us Christians.  I have never read anything so well written on the subject.  You should read it too.

The Colbert Report  War on Halloween - Costume Swapping & Jesus Ween  Hilarious!  You should watch this.  Colbert is hilarious about Halloween traditions.


  1. Thanks for the link/shout-out! :-)

  2. Always happy to give shout outs to the good stuff people write.