Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-15

DRGT: Just Wondering  When God asks questions:  Why do you see the speck?  One of the toughest verses in Scripture in my opinion.  An honest appraisal of it and what our response should be. 

Compassion  The Shoeshine Pastor  This man is amazing!!  I doubt I would have the courage to do what he did for his sponsored children.  Go watch this!

The Rabbit Room  Art Museums for the uninitiated  I LOVE art museums and don't go often enough.  I learned that some out there don't love them, but read this and maybe you can learn to love them.

Grit and Glory  The tension of the shrug  What do you do when you don't have the answers?  Read this and get an idea.

Today's Bible Blog  Genesis 9: A great and precious promise sealed in the sky for all of the world to see  Rainbows appear in the Bible in more places than just Genesis.  These other places really made me think.  Read it and see what you think.

Dime Store Theology  Urgency, not always so important  In case you wondered why I love my husband, here is one of the thousands of reasons!

A Deeper Story  Economic Awakening  This is the first place I heard about the Overthrow Wall Street movement.  Sounds interesting.  Read some thoughts here.

My heart belongs to Jesus ... citizen of the world  Dear Adam,  Oh My Gosh!  This is an amazingly written post.  There are so many wonderful thoughts here that had never occurred to me, but they are so true.  You have got to read this one!!!

Somewhere in the Middle  Day 12: Standards  This lovely writer is blogging every day this month on the topic of singleness.  The entire series is wonderful, but this was one that I especially liked.  You should read it and all the others.

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