Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-1

I only have 6 this week.  Sorry for the light reading.  This was a busy week!

Today's Bible Blog Noah  Bill had some great thoughts about Noah and modern day ministry this week!  So check out the one above and this one

Jaime, the Very Worst Missionary  Using your poor kid to teach my rich kid a lesson  Jaime continues her discussion of Short Term Missions with this post.  This is a really good observation/thought.  I never occurred to me that this even happens!

El Chupacabra Writes a Blog  Lightning Rod  Steve had a great post on the kinds of people we should be, especially for the missionary community.  How can we serve better?  Read this and find out.

Dime Store Theology  More Like My Kid  I may be biased, but this is a great post by my husband about my son.  Sometimes our kids can teach us more than we think.

Anna Smith  TRUE LIFE: "I buy the imported stuff"  This is a wonderful post by Anna, a missionary to Taiwan.  How to balance the foreign and native tendencies

O.O  One of the kids from our youth group started a blog.  I'm rather impressed by his honesty and insight.  You might be too.

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