Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God lives WHERE?

On Sunday our pastor mentioned that we still think about church like the Old Testament.  We act like God is contained in a building.  In the Old Testament, the fullness of God's glory was contained in the Holy of Holies.  One man could meet with him once a year after an extensive ritual cleaning.  We are post Jesus, the curtain was ripped in two.  God's glory resides in us, not in our church buildings.  We are the Church.  We need to be taking God with us.  We don't need to leave him in the church building.  We know this in our head, but do we know it with our actions.  We invite someone to church and consider our part of evangelism done.  Bringing someone to church doesn't save them.  However bringing them to God does.  So if we take God with us, then we are bringing them to God.  If we live our lives for Jesus and don't leave him in church, then salvation comes to the world through us.  Isn't that the idea of the Great Commission?

I have been guilty of this.  I think if I can just get this person or that person into church then their lives can be changed.  Don't misunderstand me here, the church buildings can be amazing places where we meet God and with other people.  We can be encouraged and changed there.  However, the act of going to that place is not going to help them.  We need to love on them and show them Jesus every time we see them and not just when we see them in church.

So this week, take Jesus with you to the grocery store, to your workplace, to your relatives, to your friends, and to church.  Let's see how we can change the world if Jesus is with us.

A couple more thoughts:

While typing this, I thought of this song.

And somehow this message seemed contrary to what I was saying.  But as I listen to it, I don't think it is.  The Holy of Holies has been moved to reside within us.  We need to touch the coal (Jesus) to our lips(sin) and let him burn away the bad.  Then the Holy of Holies will live in us and go with us everywhere.  The Holy of Holies chooses to LIVE with us!  We need to be excited by this and to share this with everyone!!!

What does the coal need to touch in your life?  What is keeping the Holy of Holies inside you instead of shining out of you?

I'll start with my answer: busyness at work.  I'm doing this, that, and the other.  I'm worrying about this, that, and the other.  So much so, that I'm not spending time with God.  I have to fix that!

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