Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Food Facts about Citrus Sunshine

I haven't done a list for a while and I haven't ever done a list this long.  I thought it would be fun.  You can learn some of my food habits.  I have been told that I have some odd tendencies, so I thought you might enjoy reading about them.

1. I eat American cheese straight from the package
2.  As a teen, I put black olives in raw pizza dough and it was wonderful
3.  V8 of all kinds made me sick when I was pregnant.  This week is my first time trying it again.
4.  Soy sauce the best condiment ever.
5.  Good bread and good cheese are great meal.
6.  Prosciutto and provolone cheese with Ritz crackers are also a great meal.
7.  I often ate macaroni and cheese straight from the pot in college.
8.  I like dipping dill pickles in ranch dressing.
9.  My strangest craving while pregnant was vanilla ice cream.  #8 is a normal concotion for me.
10. The other day I ate mayo, strawberry jelly, and ketchup on a Saltine that was dipped in hazelnut syrup.  It was good.
11.  I like putting peanut butter in my chili.
12.  I like eggs over easy so I can sop up the yolk with my bread.
13.  When I go to a fancy steakhouse, I prefer to order seafood.
14.  Put anything into a flour tortilla and it is instantly awesome.
15.  Black beans are much better than any other kind of bean.
16.  I prefer my husband's spaghetti and lasagna to restaurant versions of them.
17.  I like Wendy's new fries better than their old ones.
18.  Putting peanut butter on chocolatey Pop-Tarts is like heaven.
19.  If I get to pick stuff to put on a food item, I normally pick too many things and can't taste any of them.
20.  Ben eats more fruits and vegetables than I do.
21.  The first time I ate liver was in Mexico, but I didn't know what it was because it was fried and I didn't know that's what "higado" meant.  It was pretty okay.
22.  When I was a kid, my dad would fix a pasta with broccoli and he would have to make me a special plate without broccoli.
23. During the school year, I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day.  This year it is a Hot Pocket or a Lean Pocket.  Sometimes some crackers.  It doesn't bother me to eat the same thing every day.
24. I don't like chewing gum.
25. At the movies, I prefer Reese's Pieces to popcorn.
26. I prefer caramel to chocolate most of the time.
27. My favorite pizza topping is black olives.  That's also my favorite sub topping and I like to eat them straight out of the jar.
28. Blueberries are my favorite fruit, but I don't often eat them as raw fruit.  However, I love them in any type of food.
29. I prefer hot chocolate to coffee, but it takes too long to fix it.
30.  I had sushi for the first time a couple years ago.  I don't know how I went almost 30 years without it.

What about you?  What odd food habits or preferences do you have?


  1. i honestly think peanut butter in chili is the weirdest thing i've ever heard of! hahah but we all have weird habits. One thing i do is drink half&half. i think that is ten times better than actual milk! Every time i go to Bojangles, i get a cup of icing and dip my Bojangles fries in it.Oh and i think sushi is just disgusting haha. i mean seaweed and raw fish is just not appealing to me... -kayla

  2. Most people think the peanut butter in the chili is wierd. Icing and fries is different. Half and half is AWESOME on cereals and stuff. The fish isn't as fishy as I expected and the seaweed isn't as grassy as I thought. Mostly you taste rice and sauce. Maybe we should do a sushi dare!