Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday is my Muse 10-31

Normally I write a poem here, but today I don't have words.  I do however have photo collages.  So I'm going to put them here.  I hope you enjoy a little something different this Monday.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-29

The view from here  When did Christians start hating religion?  There are some great thoughts here about the growing animosity between Christians and their religion.

World Vision  The other side of being a child-through the lens of sponsored children There are some great photos here that these beautiful children have taken.

anna smith  True Life:: when someone poops in your stairwell  Awesome story with an awesome lesson.  You should read this!!

This Time Around Thoughts on My Obituary  Some amazing thoughts about how to be missable.

Compassion Isn't 30 years enough to learn how to prevent catastrophes like the East African drought?  Everything that goes around comes around, right?  Sometimes we don't want that to happen.  Some great thoughts here.

El Chupacabra writes a blog Ministry: while not when  Oh my gosh!  This is an amazing post about ministry.  I hate to try to sum it up when there is so much to say about it!

Jon Acuff  The biggest lie that keeps you from dreaming  Wow!  This spoke to me because I do say that.  Putting it in words like that makes it seem all the sillier to be saying.

Mrs. Skinny's BBQ, Books, and Babies  Breastfeeding Saga  Oh I remember these days!  This is so hard and so common.  Everyone needs to know this!

Faith, Family & the Farm Scottie  A wonderful story about an amazing man who did his best to change the world around him.

The Scriptorium  Thank God for Halloween  Oh these are some amazing thoughts about Halloween and what it should mean to us Christians.  I have never read anything so well written on the subject.  You should read it too.

The Colbert Report  War on Halloween - Costume Swapping & Jesus Ween  Hilarious!  You should watch this.  Colbert is hilarious about Halloween traditions.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sit and breathe

I am exhausted!  This year I have found myself with many more responsibilities than I had last year.  I am now co-chair of the School Improvement Team, Elective Arts chair, Technology coordinator, and webpage administrator on top of the regular classroom duties.  Most days it isn't that much to do.  It is a little extra every day, but rarely is it multiple things to do in a day.  This week was one of the rare weeks.  It seems like I have just been running and running and running to accomplish everything this week.  This was also a 4 day week for students and their first one in a while.  That means they have all been absolutely nuts!  On top of my actual work stuff, Drew had a church board meeting, regular Wed. service, Drew worked late to help prepare for the barbecue, and translating for an ESL parent night for me.  Tonight we have Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  Tomorrow the semi-annual church barbecue, which will be all day for Drew.  Sunday is the fall festival and Trunk or Treat.  We are very busy people and the result of all this busyness is exhaustion.  This is one of those weeks when sitting down seems to be a luxury.

Having said all of that, I have genuinely enjoyed the times I have been sitting down.  I have not taken for granted the rare moments of peace this week.  Wednesday night, I caught up on some detective dramas on DVR and read a little about Solomon and his son.  Thursday night, I watched the World Series and read a little more.  Monday and Tuesday I was crabby, so I didn't really enjoy anything!  I am looking forward to the conference today. (Mostly because there won't be any students!)  I am looking forward to Yo Gabba Gabba tonight as well.  I think what I enjoyed most this week was the hour or so yesterday that Ben sat with me.  We watched TV and had a snack.(*)  I could just sit and breath and enjoy life a little.  Even though we have been extremely busy, God has blessed us with some time to just sit and breathe.  I have actually been in the moment and enjoyed exactly what I was doing exactly when I was doing it.

(*)Side note: I was so scatterbrained yesterday that I handed Ben his popsicle and forgot to open it.  He sat with me for several minutes chewing on it.  Then he handed it to me and said, "here."  I started to eat the rest, which seemed to be a lot, and noticed a problem.  I hadn't cut it open!  So I fixed the problem and Ben happily chomped on popsicle.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catering meals

This weekend the youth group went to a local soup kitchen to serve.  I could write about how touching it was and what it made me think about poverty, etc.  However I was serving up the food and the youth were handing it out, so I didn't really see that.  If you want to read a post like that, go here.  I will say that several people went out of their way to thank us and that made me feel good.

But on to the actual thoughts that I had about the experience.  We had a break in between 2 groups of guests and we were told we could eat some of the food if we wanted too.  I wasn't hungry and I didn't, but a couple kids got a roll.  I really don't remember what they were talking about, but for some reason my mind traveled back to my youth group years and the serving I did then.  I had forgotten about it until Sunday night.  What an odd experience to remember a large part of your past that you had completely forgotten!  In the moment, I was  stunned that I had totally forgotten these years.

What had I forgotten?  The multiple times a year for multiple years that I served at the dinners cooked by our men's group at my first home church.  Our men's group would cook fancy dinners for groups in town that needed a catered dinner for some occasion.  The job of the youth was to serve.  We had to dress up in a white shirt and black slacks.  We were to serve them the salad course and take the dishes away.  Then the main dish and take those dishes away.  Finally we were to serve dessert.  I don't remember if we took those dishes away or not, but we probably did.  Of course this involved a few different carts.  We had to ask their dressing preference and their dessert preference.  We had to ask about if they had finished their meal.  We had to push the carts of salad, dinner, dessert, and washtubs around the tables.  One would push and one or two would serve.  After all the serving was done, we got to get a plate and eat.  We had to eat in the kindergarten classroom.  So that meant we sat in the tiny plastic blue or pink chairs at a tiny table.  We had to silently get our food and silently return it so as not to disturb the guest group.  The kindergarten room was far enough from the fellowship hall that we didn't have to be quiet while eating.  There was an adult classroom we could have gone too, but it was closer to the fellowship hall and we had to be quieter.

So I have said all this and you are wondering why.  I'm not really sure other than serving the other night reminded me of my catering experience.  I really enjoyed those nights and I think it taught me some valuable lessons about politeness and how to serve a dinner.  I enjoyed fellowship with my fellow servers that only comes through finishing a job together.  I truly felt like a part of the church.  I felt like I was making a difference.  I didn't realize that at the time.  It is only with the span of time I realize all the lessons I have learned and the fun that I had.  Don't tell 14 year old me that it was fun and educational.  She'll roll her eyes at you!

God lives WHERE?

On Sunday our pastor mentioned that we still think about church like the Old Testament.  We act like God is contained in a building.  In the Old Testament, the fullness of God's glory was contained in the Holy of Holies.  One man could meet with him once a year after an extensive ritual cleaning.  We are post Jesus, the curtain was ripped in two.  God's glory resides in us, not in our church buildings.  We are the Church.  We need to be taking God with us.  We don't need to leave him in the church building.  We know this in our head, but do we know it with our actions.  We invite someone to church and consider our part of evangelism done.  Bringing someone to church doesn't save them.  However bringing them to God does.  So if we take God with us, then we are bringing them to God.  If we live our lives for Jesus and don't leave him in church, then salvation comes to the world through us.  Isn't that the idea of the Great Commission?

I have been guilty of this.  I think if I can just get this person or that person into church then their lives can be changed.  Don't misunderstand me here, the church buildings can be amazing places where we meet God and with other people.  We can be encouraged and changed there.  However, the act of going to that place is not going to help them.  We need to love on them and show them Jesus every time we see them and not just when we see them in church.

So this week, take Jesus with you to the grocery store, to your workplace, to your relatives, to your friends, and to church.  Let's see how we can change the world if Jesus is with us.

A couple more thoughts:

While typing this, I thought of this song.

And somehow this message seemed contrary to what I was saying.  But as I listen to it, I don't think it is.  The Holy of Holies has been moved to reside within us.  We need to touch the coal (Jesus) to our lips(sin) and let him burn away the bad.  Then the Holy of Holies will live in us and go with us everywhere.  The Holy of Holies chooses to LIVE with us!  We need to be excited by this and to share this with everyone!!!

What does the coal need to touch in your life?  What is keeping the Holy of Holies inside you instead of shining out of you?

I'll start with my answer: busyness at work.  I'm doing this, that, and the other.  I'm worrying about this, that, and the other.  So much so, that I'm not spending time with God.  I have to fix that!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday is my Muse 10-24

An Ode to Baseball

Green outfield
Brown infield
Red T-shirts

Cool april nights
Steamy summer afternoons
Crisp october nights

Long homerun
Single up the line
Double off the wall

Double play
Strike Out

Clear radio memories
Fuzzy cable memories
Startling HD memories

9 innings

Dizzy Dean
The Rajah
Wizard of Oz

Lou Brock
The Man
El Hombre

Sportsmans Park
Old Busch Stadium
New Busch Stadium

Legends and Stars
Memories and Highlights
Elation and Heartbreak
The magic of baseball

Creative Commons License
An Ode to Baseball by Andrea Ward is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Ode is probably the wrong word to use because it probably involves a specific rhyme and meter that this one doesn't have.  However I like the title, so I'm using it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good stuff Saturday 10-22

Straight Out of Dunwoody  Soooo funny.  You have to watch this!

Jon Acuff  Why you should never punch a shuttle bus  This was an amazing example of how caught up we can get in what we don't have or what we are missing that we miss the good stuff in front of us.

Compassion  Is your home full of the words of God?  This is a wonderful story about an amazing family.  I found it personally challenging.

The Rabbit Room  The Heart of the Matter  Sometimes negative comments can be just exactly what you need.  See how they helped this guy get to where he was supposed to be.

Compassion  How to share Jesus with a total stranger  This post makes is so clear and so easy that everyone should be able to do it.  This is not a go force your ideas on someone.  This is not a quota type thing.  This is an honest genuine model of how to share Jesus with someone.

Red Letter Believers  What Tim Tebow taught me about leadership This is a great post about the right way to lead and be a Christian.  There is so much to learn from David and Tim!

Casey Leigh Staying Inspired  This post is like a breath of fresh air.  As I attempt to do NaNoWriMo again this year, I needed to hear this.  If you are doing something creative, maybe you do too.

Jaime, the Very Worst Missionary  Creepy Coffee Voodoo  What are we inviting people to when we invite them to church?  Something to think about here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling guilty

Based on my post last week, I have been trying to focus more on what I am feeling and to deal with it.  I thought it might be a good idea to blog about some of these feelings.  So Mondays are poetry, Wednesdays are open to whatever and Fridays are about feelings.  Now having said that I'm feeling a little trapped into this new schedule, like it is forever.  So I'm reminding myself that this is my blog and I can change it whenever I feel like it.  I will do this as long as I feel like it works.

This week began with me feeling guilty.  I am the tech coordinator for our school.  Mostly, I have to provide 2 tech trainings this year on various technology available to teachers.  Although I only have to do 2, I will be doing 7.  The story of how I got from 2 to 7 is long one.  Mostly it has to do with feeling guilty.  Each teacher in the district has to attend 4 this year.  In the first couple months, I have done 4 trainings on 3 topics, one was a repeat.  Most teachers in the building have not attended a training yet.  Some have schedule conflicts and others I suppose is laziness.  I find myself feeling guilty for not providing these trainings at a convenient time for all the teachers.  I have scheduled extras and moved trainings around in an effort to find a convenient time for everyone.  Of course that doesn't happen, but I'm trying.  I get frustrated with myself for feeling guilty about their issues.  It is up to them to come to these trainings and schedule them.  The schedule has been out for 2 months now and there are trainings scheduled across the district all the way into April.  There is no reason for them to not get to 4.  I suppose I find myself feeling guilty because I am a perfectionist and I feel some sort of responsibility for my school to complete these requirements correctly.  So Monday I did one training, which because of meetings and rescheduled athletics many could not attend.  I felt guilty and scheduled a repeat for Thursday.  I felt a little better about that and then I got home.

When I got home, I felt guilty all over again because when I am doing these trainings that puts an extra hour or so on my husband with my son.  He has had a long day at work and I should be home to help out with Ben while Drew is cooking or whatever.  Mostly Ben just loves running and playing all the time.  It works best when there are 2 of us to help keep him busy.  It is a lot of work for one person.  I feel guilty for putting that extra work on Drew so consistently.  Drew doesn't make me feel guilty.  In fact, he tries hard to do the opposite.  He never says the extra time is a problem.  He always says and means he understands and it is okay.  Still I feel guilty.

Two more examples of me feeling guilty recently.  Last weekend we had a lock in at church with our youth.  Drew and I ended up sleeping on the cold tile floor.  It was uncomfortable and I was mentally complaining about how uncomfortable it was.  Then I felt guilty for being uncomfortable and complaining in my head because there are thousands of people who sleep on the floor everyday.  I am extremely blessed to have a warm home and a comfortable bed to sleep in.  Somehow feeling blessed and feeling guilty have become intertwined for me.  I realize this is not how is should be and I'm working on that.  Baby steps, but I'm working on that.

Last one, Dan Wheldon, an Indy car driver, died last Sunday at Las Vegas Internation Raceway.  He had a wife and two young sons.  My heart breaks for them and the family has been in my prayers this week.  I thought how horrible it was for his family to be going through this.  Then I felt guilty for giving sympathy to his family because there are people starving every day in the Horn of Africa.  How can I give sympathy to his family and put so much thought into them when there are others experiencing this every day?  Feeling guilty once again.  My solution has been to not think about either situation.  That is NOT the right solution.  I realize that now.  So my new solution is going to be pray for both situations when I think of one or the other.

These guilty feelings are something I have been fighting for a large portion of my adult life.  It is probably just an issue I am going to have to deal with for a long time.  Some days are going to be better than others, but I know this is one of the "thorns in my flesh."  I need to continue to face these feelings and pray through them.

Have you faced anything like this?  What do you do with your feelings of guilt?  Any advice for me?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is life?

On Sunday Indy car driver Dan Wheldon died in a horrific crash at Las Vegas motor speedway.  I have not read anything or heard much since his death.  One thing that I have heard is a rally cry for Indy car drivers to no longer race on ovals.  While this is certainly a valid concern, I wonder is that enough?  Are we underestimating his life?  It feels like we should be saying more about the way he lived.  However another part of me wonders if we are saying that he made a valuable contribution to the sport he loved even to the point of death?  I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  However, I do realize this.  We want life to mean so much.  We are concerned with the legacy we leave.  We are concerned with what is still happening here on Earth after we die.

Another way I see this concern is the obsession with mummies.  There are always specials about Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures that made mummies.  Mummies are a physical legacy.  They are proof that someone lived and was important.  In a way it is as if that person is still alive when we find out information from their mummy.  The fact that there are even mummies are evidence that humankind has long been obsessed with this desire to leave a legacy.  This testifies to the fact that there is something eternal in humanity.  Something in us longs for more than these few years we have here.  

Praise God that this life is just a pale reflection of that something eternal.  Praise God that we have more hope than the Ancient Egyptians with all of the rules they had to get to the afterlife.  Praise God that there is something else, that there is Heaven. 

Now that I have mentioned Heaven, that seems to necessitate a mention of salvation or being born again.  However, I will not get into that discussion because our feeble human words can not possibly reflect the greatness of a relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  I figure Heaven is pretty simple.  God/Jesus is there and if you want to be with God/Jesus, you will have a relationship with him and get to Heaven.  If you don't want to be with him, you won't have a relationship with him and you won't be there.  Either God/Jesus is #1 or He isn't.  We want something lasting and He is it.  Put Him first and you get that something lasting.  Hallelujah!

No color? No problem!

Black and white movies are more enjoyable than color movies.  Canonical literature is more compelling than modern novels.  (Like Wuthering Heights.)  Poetry is more heart pounding than a music video.  (Like Langston Hughes.)  Buster Keaton and Lucille Ball are more funny than Adam Sandler and Amy Poehler.  The History Channel is better than Comedy Central.  Classic radio programs are more entertaining than music on the radio.  (Like Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Shadow, and Gunsmoke) 

Most days I am okay knowing these opinions set me apart.  I feel it sets me apart in a good way.  I feel like that makes me a guardian of some kind.  There is rich history of amazing art done by those who have come before us.  Much of society as a whole rejects these people and accomplishments before.  I am not saying that what is out now is bad or unworthy.  I just don't enjoy it as much.  I like knowing that I enjoy those things and I can share them with others.  Like I am sharing with you today.  So enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-15

DRGT: Just Wondering  When God asks questions:  Why do you see the speck?  One of the toughest verses in Scripture in my opinion.  An honest appraisal of it and what our response should be. 

Compassion  The Shoeshine Pastor  This man is amazing!!  I doubt I would have the courage to do what he did for his sponsored children.  Go watch this!

The Rabbit Room  Art Museums for the uninitiated  I LOVE art museums and don't go often enough.  I learned that some out there don't love them, but read this and maybe you can learn to love them.

Grit and Glory  The tension of the shrug  What do you do when you don't have the answers?  Read this and get an idea.

Today's Bible Blog  Genesis 9: A great and precious promise sealed in the sky for all of the world to see  Rainbows appear in the Bible in more places than just Genesis.  These other places really made me think.  Read it and see what you think.

Dime Store Theology  Urgency, not always so important  In case you wondered why I love my husband, here is one of the thousands of reasons!

A Deeper Story  Economic Awakening  This is the first place I heard about the Overthrow Wall Street movement.  Sounds interesting.  Read some thoughts here.

My heart belongs to Jesus ... citizen of the world  Dear Adam,  Oh My Gosh!  This is an amazingly written post.  There are so many wonderful thoughts here that had never occurred to me, but they are so true.  You have got to read this one!!!

Somewhere in the Middle  Day 12: Standards  This lovely writer is blogging every day this month on the topic of singleness.  The entire series is wonderful, but this was one that I especially liked.  You should read it and all the others.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeling something

I don't feel things like normal people.  I don't know what I feel until I am fully involved in it.  People ask me if I am okay long before I realize I'm not.  I can turn my compassion on and off easily.  I just put it out of my head and the feelings are gone.  My brain has become so detached from my heart that they no longer work in unison.  They function separately and most days this doesn't bother me.  I can sit comfortably in silence because my brain will spin stories and my heart just sits off to the side.  I hear about the struggles that other people have in their lives.  They identify these struggles and talk about them.  And I think how blessed I am not to have any struggles.  Something inside me says, "Not so fast."  I do have struggles, but I don't even know what they are.  I can't put them into words because my brain can't find them.  My heart knows them and has probably been shouting about them.  Most of the time my brain doesn't hear it.  Then there are those moments of clarity when my brain and my heart are saying the same thing.

Recently I had one of those moments in the middle of youth group.  My husband and I are very open about our past struggles and the stuff we are struggling with right now.  This honesty has helped me begin to reattach my brain and my heart.  I think of what our kids are going through and it reminds me of something in myself.  This particular night, Drew asked them to pick something in the room that describes them.  Tell us what it is and why.  They struggled, but eventually came up with things to say.  Me?  I immediately thought of the fan.  Funny thing is so did my husband.  He joked that I was like the fan because I'm a blowhard.  Was he reading my mind?  Because that is exactly what I thought, but I was serious.  I feel like I'm constantly blowing my words and opinions on others.  I always have a thought and often share those thoughts.  I wonder or maybe I'm sure that people don't want hear what I have to say.  My opinions are just annoying and intrusive.  I'm like a fan blowing directly in your face.  That's what my heart says.

Some people question and doubt God when they are in tough times.  I don't.  I know God is there the same as He ever was.  I know He has the answers.  That's what my brain says.  I doubt me and question me.  I assume there is some fatal flaw in myself that is causing all this.  There is some mistake I have made that can never be made right.  I have done something or thought something that has changed my world forever.  I know God hasn't changed, but I don't know that he can fix it.  He doesn't need to be bothered with my minor issues because after all they are minor because it is just me.  That's what my heart says.

I hate thinking that about myself.  I'm sure there are some that would say it isn't true.  I'm also pretty sure that God would say otherwise.  Now if I can just convince my heart of that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Food Facts about Citrus Sunshine

I haven't done a list for a while and I haven't ever done a list this long.  I thought it would be fun.  You can learn some of my food habits.  I have been told that I have some odd tendencies, so I thought you might enjoy reading about them.

1. I eat American cheese straight from the package
2.  As a teen, I put black olives in raw pizza dough and it was wonderful
3.  V8 of all kinds made me sick when I was pregnant.  This week is my first time trying it again.
4.  Soy sauce the best condiment ever.
5.  Good bread and good cheese are great meal.
6.  Prosciutto and provolone cheese with Ritz crackers are also a great meal.
7.  I often ate macaroni and cheese straight from the pot in college.
8.  I like dipping dill pickles in ranch dressing.
9.  My strangest craving while pregnant was vanilla ice cream.  #8 is a normal concotion for me.
10. The other day I ate mayo, strawberry jelly, and ketchup on a Saltine that was dipped in hazelnut syrup.  It was good.
11.  I like putting peanut butter in my chili.
12.  I like eggs over easy so I can sop up the yolk with my bread.
13.  When I go to a fancy steakhouse, I prefer to order seafood.
14.  Put anything into a flour tortilla and it is instantly awesome.
15.  Black beans are much better than any other kind of bean.
16.  I prefer my husband's spaghetti and lasagna to restaurant versions of them.
17.  I like Wendy's new fries better than their old ones.
18.  Putting peanut butter on chocolatey Pop-Tarts is like heaven.
19.  If I get to pick stuff to put on a food item, I normally pick too many things and can't taste any of them.
20.  Ben eats more fruits and vegetables than I do.
21.  The first time I ate liver was in Mexico, but I didn't know what it was because it was fried and I didn't know that's what "higado" meant.  It was pretty okay.
22.  When I was a kid, my dad would fix a pasta with broccoli and he would have to make me a special plate without broccoli.
23. During the school year, I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day.  This year it is a Hot Pocket or a Lean Pocket.  Sometimes some crackers.  It doesn't bother me to eat the same thing every day.
24. I don't like chewing gum.
25. At the movies, I prefer Reese's Pieces to popcorn.
26. I prefer caramel to chocolate most of the time.
27. My favorite pizza topping is black olives.  That's also my favorite sub topping and I like to eat them straight out of the jar.
28. Blueberries are my favorite fruit, but I don't often eat them as raw fruit.  However, I love them in any type of food.
29. I prefer hot chocolate to coffee, but it takes too long to fix it.
30.  I had sushi for the first time a couple years ago.  I don't know how I went almost 30 years without it.

What about you?  What odd food habits or preferences do you have?

On being a piano

Ben and I were playing the piano at the lock-in on Friday night.  Yes we took our 2 year old to the lock in.  He had a great time walking around Oktoberfest and then bowling.  Well he didn't bowl, he just moved the bowling balls around the carousel.  He fell asleep on the way home from cosmic bowling.  Between Oktoberfest and bowling we went back to the church.  The kids played with the karaoke machine.  Ben got bored, so we played with the drums and the piano in the sanctuary.  Of course he could only reach a few keys on the piano, so I played the other end of the piano.  Ben was playing the left end, harder sounding end of the piano.  Is there a word for that?  Anyway, I was playing the right end of the piano, the lighter sounding end of the piano.

While playing I thought, "I wish I was like this end of the piano."  I feel like I come off sounding and acting very harsh, very abrupt.  The people who are the other end of the piano are more friendly, more polite.  They come off sounding happier, more at peace with the world.  I feel happy and at peace with the world.  I try to be polite.  However, I'm really bad at small talk and that seems to be an essential part of being polite.  I try to be friendly to people, but once again the small talk thing seems to get in the way.  Often I feel like I just don't measure up to those bright and happy people.  As a woman, wife, mother, teacher, blogger, etc., I feel as if I should be one of those bright and happy people.  Somehow I am less than because I not on the lighter end of the piano.

Then as I began to think about writing this post, I tried to figure out how to describe the ends of the piano.  The word deeper came to mind when describing the end that I am.  And I thought I like that word.  I like being deep.  My principal told me last week that I am thinking all the time.  I like that description.  I like thinking about things and looking beyond the surface to the reasons behind it.  Sometimes it is the way a sports team is playing.  Sometimes it is why a person reacts the way they do.  Sometimes it is the motivations of a character on a movie or TV show.  My husband loves this about me, most of the time.  ;)  Then in the youth lesson on Sunday night, my husband said (paraphrasing) God made you the way you are and that is the way it should be. I guess I needed to hear that.  Now, I'm just working on believing it.

What side of the piano would you rather be on?  Why?

Side note: I learned it is the bass and treble ends, not left and right.  :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday is my Muse 10-10

I was introduced via blog to Kristen through a childhood friend.  These two women were on the World Race together.  11 countries in 11 months being a missionary to all of them in some fashion.  I don't really know the whole story of what came next.  I know it involved some more travelling missionary stuff and then she settled down to Cambodia as a missionary.  Her heart for the least of these is breathtaking.  Her honesty is often harsh and beautiful.  When I read this poem that she posted last week, I knew that would have to be my Monday is my Muse post.  So head over to her blog and read her beautiful words in the poem and then read the many more beautiful ones in her other posts.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-8

Stuff Christians Like  Why I hate surrender  Great thoughts about what surrender really is and what we get in return.

A Deeper Story  Just hear me  When we listen to people, it is easier to love them.  Good thoughts here.

The View from Here  Piles of Burning Trash  Where you are looking makes a big difference in what you see.  Read this for a great example

Faith, Family, and the Farm  The part and the crown cowlick  Sometimes it takes us a while, but we learn.  Great thoughts here about how life can teach us things about God.  There was another post from this week that I thought was awesome and helpful.  Read that one too.

The Rabbit Room  It is what it is, but not what is shall be  Wonderful thoughts about what is to come.  And a fabulous illustration to really drive the point home.  This is written much better than my feeble description.

My Heart belongs to Jesus...citizen of the world  If I am a missionary, why do I suck so bad sometimes  Kristen's honesty is beautiful and painful.  Read this.  You will be different after you do.

New Ways Forward  Stephen Colbert on God and Hell  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful interview clip.  I love the way he expresses himself.  You need to go here and watch the clip.

Compassion  Fast Living: How the Church will end Extreme Poverty  An ├╝ber-awesome explanation of fasting.You won't see it the same way again.

Goins, Writer  Steve Jobs & Leaving a Legacy  Amazing thoughts about the man who has changed the world and the legacy he has left behind him.  There are several other great articles here, so just read the rest of the week while you are there.

Friday, October 7, 2011


This week has been a rough week.  I fought with at least 4 students at various times this week.  Classes in general have been loud and lazy.  There has been tension among the faculty and as a co-chair of SIT (School Improvement Team), I feel like I needed to do something about it.  Yesterday after school I had a headache, which is unusual for me.  I so wanted to tweet about how bad I felt and how tired I was.  I really, really wanted to complain, but I didn't.  I tried choosing joy.*  I even said those words to myself.

I came home and the boys were visiting a friend.  So I got silence.  I also got a snack and a couple minutes to sit down in my comfy clothes with a book.  They came home and shortly thereafter Drew took Ben to play outside.  So I even got a few minutes to rest, which helped my headache.  Drew cooked supper, like normal, and helped me give Ben a bath.  After that, Ben chilled and watched some videos of himself.  He also played quietly and by himself with his newly rediscovered car racing ramp.  I got to read a little more.  I also chatted, via text, with a friend who I hadn't talked to in a while.  I relaxed!  I even thought, "What day is tomorrow?"  I was so relaxed I wasn't even thinking about Friday, the end of the work week.

I am so thankful for a job that allows my husband to pamper me and for a husband who will pamper me!

*This link was not working earlier.  If it doesn't when you are reading this, try this one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When TV goes bad...

I love watching all kinds of history shows, even the ones about the Bible.  Of course they interview people who have some far fetched ideas about God.  Inevitably, I get frustrated and want to throw something.  Normally, I roll my eyes a lot and explain it to them as if they could hear me through the TV.  I do genuinely enjoy hearing the perspective of these other people to see if my thoughts about God still fit with their theories.  A couple of them in the program today where they seem to miss the obvious.

1.  Gilgemesh is older and therefore God must not be real.  Many Bible stories are similar to stories from ancient Mesopotamia, so the guy who wrote the Bible just piled them all up and made a new religion.  OR the Bible is REAL and the other civilizations drew their stories from the REAL events that happened in pre-written Biblical history.  So God did it all and other civilizations remember that.

2.  Lilith was Adams first wife because the account of human creation is written twice.  OR it was written once and then the second part was a more detailed account.  Both of them were Eve.  And for that matter if humanity was created twice, why did Adam get in both times, but the woman didn't.  So women have gotten the short end of the stick from the beginning of time?  Do we really want to create a reason for women to be 'less than' instead of believing that the creator of the universe created women with a specific and equal purpose in mind.  Not that we are the same as men because we aren't, but we are certainly as important to God as men.  And vice versa.  Men and women are equal with God!  That is one of the many beautiful things about the story of creation.

UGH!  It is frustrating to continually see only one side of the story reported.  I guess I should appreciate that they even want to discuss the Bible on TV, but reporting both sides of the story would be more helpful!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday is my Muse 10-3


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 10-1

I only have 6 this week.  Sorry for the light reading.  This was a busy week!

Today's Bible Blog Noah  Bill had some great thoughts about Noah and modern day ministry this week!  So check out the one above and this one

Jaime, the Very Worst Missionary  Using your poor kid to teach my rich kid a lesson  Jaime continues her discussion of Short Term Missions with this post.  This is a really good observation/thought.  I never occurred to me that this even happens!

El Chupacabra Writes a Blog  Lightning Rod  Steve had a great post on the kinds of people we should be, especially for the missionary community.  How can we serve better?  Read this and find out.

Dime Store Theology  More Like My Kid  I may be biased, but this is a great post by my husband about my son.  Sometimes our kids can teach us more than we think.

Anna Smith  TRUE LIFE: "I buy the imported stuff"  This is a wonderful post by Anna, a missionary to Taiwan.  How to balance the foreign and native tendencies

O.O  One of the kids from our youth group started a blog.  I'm rather impressed by his honesty and insight.  You might be too.