Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday is my Muse 9-19

I'm pulling out an old one today.  I have a little book that I wrote poetry in, but I never dated anything.  So I don't know when this was written.  I think this was written around 2002 maybe.  I don't know of any particular circumstances surrounding this one, but I do think it was one about a real situation and not one about a fake situation.  (I'll post one of those sometime soon.)

What I want

Freedom obstructed
Love held at bay
Home unwelcome
Life a battle
I don't want to be 
Bound by fear and anger
I don't want to be
Pushed away
I don't want to be
A stranger
I don't want to always
Have strife.  
I want to soar on wings of eagles
I want to love you without worry
I want a shelter from the storm
I want to enjoy life
I want LOVE!
I want HOME!
I want LIFE!

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