Saturday, September 17, 2011

The idol of patriotism

I have had this post in mind all week and not had the time and energy at the same time.  Sorry for two in one day.

Last Sunday was of course the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.  While listening to a recounting of the events, a thought occurred to me.  We are like the Isrealites, a lot like them actually.  God has repeatedly blessed this nation.  How has God blessed us?  Independence in the face of the biggest most well trained army in the world.  Japan only got to Pearl Harbor.  Flight 93 never made it to its destination.  Wonderful amazing land for growing things.  A colonizing culture that came to settle not just to plunder.  The Industrial Revolution providing jobs.  Some of the best medical care and doctors in the world.  A constitution that has stood for over 200 years.  A Civil War that didn't split us in half.  Don't we see it?

The Israelite people were blessed over and over and over.  The Red Sea, Jericho, numerous battles, etc., and they turned away just as many times.  They thought they could do it on their own.  Look at Saul as king.  Why?  To do it on their own.

We would know better right?  We have read all their stories and know how to do better.  We see their mistakes and wouldn't make them.  WRONG!  Look at all that God has blessed us with and yet we still think we can do it on our own.  We call it patriotism and the American way.  It was never meant be like this.  Our forefathers founded this nation on Christ.  Yes they were human and screwed up plenty, but they depended on God and not on their own abilities.

We even term helping out our fellow man as the Human Spirit.  Why?  Is it because we humans are so loving and giving?  NO!  Human nature yes that makes sense.  The natural desire to do bad instead of good. But Human spirit, not so much.  How can we have both in us?  Because God breathed into us.  It's God's Spirit in us, nothing we humans do.  We even claim the good we do is from us and not Him.  We can do it as individuals and as a country.  We are so like the Israelite people.

However the better question in all these thoughts is: how have I not seen it?  How have I not been praying for it?  Do I think God isn't big enough?  Yes I have thought that.  God forgive me and help me with my unbelief.


  1. WOW i did not see all of these things that were "miracles" or "blessings" just in that one day. but yeah i dont think that people are as close to god as they were way back in the day. i think that we are still far from where the nation should be. we are too focused on our stupid government issues and are money and our things that we WANT to have. why can we not just do the smart things as in following what god honestly is yelling in our ears but we refuse to listen? learn from the past look at the isrealites as you stated and as a nation we should make the right decisions based on what god is trying to help us make.

  2. Wow!! I could not have said it better myself! Less us and more God.