Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The healthier road

Ben has had diarrhea on and off for a couple weeks now.  (This is just background information.  He had/has a virus.  He is staying well hydrated and generally seems healthy.  No major concerns.)   When he was done with his dinner (which was toast with a little butter, applesauce, and a handful of "ohs"), he asked to get out and said he needed a new diaper.  Knowing what that has meant the last couple weeks, I took him to the bath.  I got the diaper off and it was messy.  He started freaking out because he doesn't like the shower and he knew that was my plan.  It was quick and easy of course it is the best idea.  God stepped in with another one though.  He inspired me with the thought of using the cup that Ben loves to splash him with until he was clean.  Although this was not easier and it certainly wasn't quicker, it was the best idea.  Ben giggled and smiled instead of screaming and crying.  I think I even said, "This is the long way to go about it."

Then I thought, "Hmm... maybe there is a lesson in this."  Sometimes we don't see the whole picture.  It seems like we have been on the same road forever.  We know it has been a trying trek toward our goal.  We are beginning to wonder what our goal even was.  We know there has to be a shorter way to go, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere next to us.  However, God knows what he is doing.  That longer harder road might just be the right answer to keep us from screaming and crying.

So whatever road you might be on for however long you have been on it, smile and laugh along the way!  This is a reminder that God does know what he is doing.  Even though you don't know it, this is the better way.  It might take longer than you thought.  It might require more of you than you expected, but it is healthier for your whole being in the end.  After all laughing is better than crying.


  1. I totally agree with the road thing. It reminded me of two verses, one was jeremiah 29:11. This is cause we might not be on a path that seems bright or it may even seem bright but its not the one God has laid out for us. The other is the verse that talks about lean not on your own understanding but in all you ways acknowledge Him and he willmake your path straight. This just let's you know gods way is the better one. - jordan

  2. oh my god -.- i typed this thing up found an error and accidentally messed up.. oh well gotta do it again.. but hm.. one thought is why not just shove that kid in the shower, make him cry for a minute, and then yank him out and make him stop crying a few minutes later. i think that you should find the faster route to get to your goal. he is oviously going to get over the shower part but i dont think that going around the whole crying thing and having to end up taking so long was the best thing. sorry my thoughts.

  3. J- Lean not on your understanding sounds so easy, but it is actually really hard.

    G- Sometimes I do it the quicker way, but this particular time was hampered by my own restroom issues. Then he was super upset, so I couldn't get him more upset on top of that. Probably TMI.