Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Post: The Esau Project

I am the lucky recipient of a guest post over at The Esau Project which is written by my friend Julie.  She always has amazing insights about how to better use her time, talents, etc. for God.  Not to mention her amazing Top 10 Fridays and telling her story on Mondays.  As you can see, there is some good stuff going on over there, so go check her out and read my guest post.

Here is a preview:

It seems so natural to us the up and down of our relationship with the Bible.  Have you ever thought of how you even came to have a relationship with the Bible?   Not Jesus, but the Bible, the book that you hold in your hands and from which you read.  We discussed this in our Sunday school class recently.  I was stunned with the history of this book.  I have 4 or 5 of them in my house.  I know that there are some places that don’t have one and I do feel special for having so many.  I know that years ago Bibles weren’t so prevalent because it was so hard to print one.  Once again I feel lucky to able to get one or several so easily.  Other than feeling lucky, I don’t really think too much more about it.  That is until this series in our class.

Now go on over there and read the rest of the story about the men who brought the Bible to our hands.


  1. It's an awesome post! Do what Andrea says and head over to read it!! :)

  2. Thank you for the opportunity! But the real credit should go to Erin, my Sunday School leader. She did the research. I just repeated it!

  3. hm.. we have about maybe TEN in our house and i dont think any of us really use them besides on the sunday and wednesday that the church really oants us to bring them.. its kinda true that they say that we take for granit these books and how other countries would love to have them and it makes me feel bad because honestly i dont use one! i dont read one! i have a hard time understanding one! i sound like a bad person but this is the truth ><

  4. I think this is very true. I think it is easy to just read pages and look at letters on a page instead of taking in the meanings and learning how to apply it. I think having to nk. A lot of bibles is a common thing in a household. But they probably don't get used as much as they should. This was a great post-jordan

  5. The honest truth about your struggles is never a bad thing!!

    Understanding the Bible is not easy. I understand a little tiny bit more every time I read it. Just start trying and see what happens. People say generally John is a good place to start, but I prefer Luke. Try it see what happens.