Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good stuff Saturday 9-10

DRGT: Just Wondering  When God asks you the Questions: Who told you are naked?  Where does shame come from and where does it lead us?  She does a great job of answering those questions and it really makes you think.

A Deeper Story The Death of a Name  What name are we taking do decide our future?  She thinks back to her marriage and wonders if we take the name of Jesus on like we do our married names.  Good thoughts here.

Red Letter Believers  Stunts for God   I needed to hear this message this week.  It isn't about the big fancy impressive things we do for God.  It's about obedience every day.  He said it better than me.  Go read it!

The Rabbit Room  Passing On   Some great thoughts on what we leave behind us.  Not to mention a super awesome photo to really drive the point home!

World Vision  Operation Seasweep An INCREDIBLE story of rescue and all that God can do!

Nicodemus @ Nite  Eating Ramen Noodles for 121 days   A very honest story of what he had to overcome to see God.  You should read this!

Big B  Baggage  A quick but powerful video about what we carry with us and why we shouldn't.

The Rabbit Room   Little Faith  Sometimes having a little faith is "enough faith" because of what we are having faith in.  This story of learning that concept is a powerful one.

My heart belongs to Jesus.... Citizen of the World  Calling All Men  A heartbreaking story about the challenges this missionary faces in Cambodia and what is needed.  Part 2 further illustrates and clarifies the idea.  We should all be praying for this!


  1. A great list of what's important out there. I found myself reading many of these and totally engaged. Well done!

  2. Thanks! There are so many talented people writing things out there. I love passing those things along.