Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner adventures

It seems that I talk about food a lot.  Sometimes it's Ben's food or bad service or just remembering good food. And every so often it's a restaurant experience.  Today it's almost a restaurant experience.

Thursday night we made plans to try a new restaurant in town with a couple friends the next night.  So Friday night rolls around and so does a thunderstorm, inside the house and outside.  Inside the house, Ben is creating quite a storm.  He has not napped and didn't want to eat the dinner we gave him.  Eating out is no longer an option because Ben is going to bed.  : /  As I attempt to calm my screaming son and get him into bed, a thought hits me.  He might be hungry.  Yes, now I realize this should be obvious because he didn't eat dinner, but at the time it wasn't.  So I asked him if he wanted pizza, which by the way is Ben-speak for a quesadilla.  He stopped crying and looked at me.  I took that as a yes.  We came back in the kitchen/dining room and I fixed his pizza.  He sat and ate very well.

By this time our friends have come over and we are debating about our own food.  The new place in town does deliver.  We could still eat there, even if we can't go there.  But do we want to risk it?  We have a pretty small eating out budget.  We haven't actually been in this restaurant yet or seen the food that it makes.  So we don't really know what it is like.  It would be a pretty big risk to get food delivered as our first experience with this restaurant.  We pretty quickly decide to get food delivered from a restaurant we have already experienced.  We know the pizza is awesome and the subs are pretty rockin too!  So the women ordered subs and the men ordered pizza.

Everything is great, right?  Almost.  The downside of this particular restaurant is that they don't actually tell you how long it will be to get your food.  We realize it is a Friday night and it could be awhile, but I'm getting hungry and I would really like a number to go from.  So I try to entertain myself with other things and listen to the conversation going on around me, but really most of the time I'm just thinking, "Where is that meatball sub?"  After what seems like an eternity, I finally break down and get my phone.  It's been 45 minutes.  That is an eternity in food delivery isn't it?  Shouldn't we be calling and finding out where this guy is?  What if he got lost?  Surely our food is getting cold by now.  We should do something!  Or maybe, I just need to wait a little longer. (Drew's suggestion)  I followed his advice, but I still checked my phone every couple minutes.  After 10 more minutes, I was preparing the conversation in my head asking the whereabouts of our food.

Then finally, it arrived!!  We got it paid for and I couldn't wait to break into it.  But I had to be a nice host first, I delivered the other sandwich and got plates down for the pizza.  I forgot about getting drinks, but thankfully Drew got one of them covered.  I forgot to ask the wife of our guest couple if she wanted a drink. I also forgot napkins.  So she did that herself.  And as I was halfway through my sandwich, I thought, I should have done that.

The moral of this story:  I'm really rude when I'm hungry!


  1. haha wow... i would have flipped out if that guy would have tooken FOURTYFIVE minutes to bring food? i mean honestly get there in 15? 30? minutes tops and then il be a happy person :D and having people come over for dinner is a hastle and its almost a horrible thing for us to have -.- trust me, my mom would know EXACTLY how you felt. she does the whole getting kids places always and she has to wait awhile until she can finally sit down and get her stuff aten first. but being hungry is always something that can make anyone grumpy a bit

  2. Yeah eating is an adventure with us. With 7 that would be quite a feat!

  3. Sounds like a rough night for you andrea! I have issues being patient when I am hungry as well. I hope you enjoyed you're meal when it finally arrived! - jordan