Friday, August 19, 2011

A new beginning

This week I go back to school to begin our work days. (Yes, I am a teacher. Yes, we have summers "off" as in we don't go into a building. However, I doubt you work more hours than my colleagues and I do.) I love walking into my empty classroom. All the desks put up, chairs stacked, decorations stored, marker boards empty, and the room is spacious. I come in and take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Then I take another. It is a wonderful feeling. What is that feeling? Possibilities.

An empty room is full of possibilities. Empty rooms, empty schedules, an empty school is filling up with possibilities. Possible friendships, possible dates, possible fights, and most importantly possible learning. Learning which changes a life which can change a community which can change the world. Learning how to be a better scientist, a better historian, a better linguist, a better mathematician, a better speaker, a better citizen, etc. Just learning to be better. It isn't just learning. It is also striving and reaching for more. All of these possibilities await in the empty corridors of our schools and classrooms.

This beautiful emptiness really isn't empty at all. It is really full. It is full to the brim and overflowing with the possibilities of a new school year and that makes me excited.


  1. haha teachers dont even get paid during summer! what a bummer! but yeah.. usually whenever school starts i DREAD it, i look at it as another year of sitting in class tired and waiting for the time where i can finally leave! but on the first day of school i realized that HEY i need to improve! my GPA will go up! i want it up i want to strive to get better so that my future will be full of success! i look at school as the gate way to opportunity in life! every decision that we make in that school ground makes a drastic effect on your future and i think that school can always be a positive or negative when you start. if you start with a poor attitude and not even caring then what is the point of you going on the first day? if you ahve that good attitude and you are happy to be there then like me, you will be having a good year, do great in school, and be happy on how things are doing.

  2. That is a great attitude to have. Realizing how lucky you are to have such wonderful opportunities is a great beginning to a good education. You'll go far.

  3. I never thought of walking into a classroom as walking into a possiblilty. There are so many now that you think of it, possibility to learn, possibility to pass, possibility to fail, possibility to laug, possibilty to get stressed out. All of those will probably happen in a classroom. But there is so many possibilites its exciting and makes you eager everytime you walk in.-jordan