Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good stuff Saturday

So either to make up for last week OR because everyone was super incredible with their writing this week, I have a lot of good stuff to share with you. Things to make you think, things to encourage you, and things to make you laugh. I hope you enjoy them.


Compassion Developed World Tantrums. What are we really getting upset for?

I hope... Why I eat like I do part 3. You should check out the first two parts as well, but this is the one that really made me think. I'm going to try to make some changes in my/our life to eat better. You just might be inspired to do the same after reading this.

A Deeper Story Chauvainism is alive and well and not only in Bolivia. A great article about women globally. I'm normally hesitant to like anything with a feminism leaning because it is generally very anti-male. This is a good balance and something to think about!

Journey to the Field: Brazil Bound Why I am leaving Christianity. I know I keep talking about Richard and Ashley, but they are doing some great stuff. This one will REALLY make you take stock of you and Jesus.

This is my Blog What I want to hear. How do you talk to someone with fertility issues? This guest post gives a few amazing tips. It is obviously a touchy subject and I for one am glad to have read this. I want to be sensitive and helpful to those who struggle with this issue. This helped me with that.


This time around Pressing On. We can't give up because we have a God who didn't give up. This was so encouraging!

Compassion Healthy mothers and healthy babies. An encouraging story from the Compassion team. They have so many of them! Read this one and then check out some others.

A Deeper Story Pinkie high fives: A World Vision Miracle. Another encouraging story from another company doing great work amongst the poor.

The Rabbit Room Flying in the Face. A little story that God can help you do it. It talks about foreign languages, so that's a plus.

Sanity in Crazytown Access. God loves us and she's got a little story to show us that. Awesome.s

Mrs. Skinny's BBQ, Books, and Babies 30 weeks 2 days: This was the day. A painful past doesn't have to hold you captive. Read this and see how.

the view from here Fatherhood Friday. A little something for the guys. How to balance fatherhood and discipleship.


Snark and Cookies Well I can think of a few. And a little something for the girls. Super funny post about stuff women experience. Guys, you might be uncomfortable. Girls, you will laugh!!

This time around Muppets Friday. A fun little video of the Muppets. It might be because Ben is getting into Sesame Street that I am having some flashbacks, but I thought this was great.

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