Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Stuff Saturday 8-27

This Time Around Using Criticism as a Stepping Stone Amazing words that I needed to hear this week! You probably do too.

101 Books: Don't Dump Those Bookcases yet Book #24: The Blind Assassin A review of a Margaret Atwood book and I'm really excited to read it!!

The Esau Project We're raising the wrong bar I couldn't support this idea more. We need people to be great at different things and that's okay.

Sanity in Crazytown Spokes This was a wonderful read this week. Being less can sometimes be the most you can do.

Today's Bible Blog The Garden of Eden-Part 2 The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and man Some interesting thoughts about knowledge and how we use it. Interesting timing considering the discussions about the historicity of Adam. While you are on Today's Bible Blog, you should read the 3rd part of the Garden of Eden and You name it!

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