Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good stuff Saturday 08-20

Compassion Blog Son of the High Chief An amazing story about what people will do for friends.

Top of the Page A wise little owl once told me... A great reminder that God will provide for us.

Penelope Trunk Blog New financial data highlight generational rifts A great article I stumbled on about the values of various generations. It was really encouraging to me.

Big B Another post I stumbled on that tells a great story about attitude.

The 21st Century Principal Common Sense Social Media Policies A great read about how administrators/politicians should treat social media.

A Deeper Story Tongue Talker An amazing post about speaking in tongues. The benefits, the misuses, and the misunderstandings.

The Rabbit Room Is the name of God the sound of our breathing? A thought provoking article about why the name of God sounds the way it does.

People of the Second Chance You'd be surprised Words have a lot of power, so using them is a big responsibility. This is simply beautiful. Read it. You will be changed.

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