Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cowardly Courage

Today we took our annual church trip up the mountain to go tubing on the New River in NC. This is mostly a youth trip and that was our first year as youth leaders, so last year was the first time Drew and I had gone. Last year Ben went with us as well, so I followed the toddler around instead of tubing on the river. I did get a brief idea of what tubing is about. It may seem pretty obvious to some, but it wasn't to me. Tubing is simply floating down the river in an inner tube. I have to be honest. I wasn't really disappointed last year that I didn't go tubing. Why? The risk of sunburn? No. The hassle of keeping up with teens on a river? No. The embarrassment of wearing a bathing suit in public? No

I was happy not to go because I don't like doing new things. I'm a bit of a coward. Okay a lot of a coward. I'm always afraid of what might go wrong. In this case, what if I tip over? What if I lose my tube? What if I get cut by a rock? What if a fish touches me? What if I get lost? The list could go on and on. Most of the issues are laughably unimportant and nearly impossible. Get lost? On a river? You go in one direction! How would I get lost? Or if a fish touches me? So that is what 2 seconds of creepy? Get over it! Get cut by a rock? The rocks are in the water that is moving over them all the time. There is a smaller likelihood of sharp rocks in a moving river.

So this year my son wasn't an excuse. I had to go. I was dreading it for all of the above reasons. I just knew I was going to do something wrong and mess something up. We were warned the river might be a little cold and the wind might be problematic because of Hurricane Irene. The water was pretty comfy. Of course when you first got in, it was cold. Only for a minute maybe. The wind held off while we were on the river. We were blessed with great weather. Even the great weather couldn't abate my fears of getting it wrong. However with the pressure of the youth and other chaperones, I went in with a brave face and some minor complaining. Guess what happened? I LOVED it!! It was so much fun and not hard at all. So my fears were baseless. I did get stuck on the rounded off rocks a couple times, but that was just funny.

So even though I am a coward about new stuff, I will put on a courageous face to fool the crowd. Peer pressure will convince me to get over myself and get on with life. I think the worst that happened was that I bumped into a few rocks and had wet shoes. The best that happened is that I had so much fun and discovered something else I can do! I'm glad I gave up my cowardice and had the courage to try something new.


  1. dang i never did go on that thing because well... ovious reasons. but yeah sometimes having fears like *caugh caugh* going on giant rollercoasters at carowinds even tho you are extremely scared and think you are going to have a heart attack because you are scared of heights, you actually do end up enjoying yourself after awhile, like you did and i did also. i myself always think that in some of those cases some things could go horribley wrong like what if the roller coaster crashed? but psh a river xD haha lame excuses lol, but glad that you did have fun we have done it for years and it has always been a fun thing to do for awhile

  2. Yeah it's a pretty silly thing to be afraid of, but I'm sure I've got lots of other silly things like that I'm still afraid of.

  3. i was scared too.. but not cause of the rocks or anything, but the coldness! i was shaking from how cold i was, but also cause i was seriously scared of the freezing water! and also larry(?)was talking about them getting blue lips, that was even worse. the other day in english class my teacher brought up his interpretation of much ado about nothing's title and how he thought shakespeare was trying to say that we base our live's on things that are nothing and "what ifs". it made me think of that trip because after a while it was alright. i actually enjoyed it, once i get into the water for a few minutes haha -makayla

  4. Yeah, the blue lips thing wasn't encouraging.

  5. Trying new things scares me sometimes too. One time(I know this sounds really weird but its true makayla was there!) I was at a party and there was a rope on a tree and hay bales across from the tree and ieveryone was swinging off the hay towards the tree. So of course I was the kne that was scared and held the rope for so long before I would jump off. Actually I never jumped off I was pushed. My friend kathleen decided it was time for me to go so she pushed me and I screamed. But I loved it afterwards it was a lot of fun and I never would bhave known if my friend had not encouraged me in her own way to go on and try it. -jordan