Friday, August 5, 2011


Oh my gosh! I just found out that one of my favorite evangelist/ preachers is a blogger! I am SOOO excited!! I might be a little partial considering he also performed my wedding. (Is that the right word to use because that felt weird to type?)

He has been evangelist/ youth dean/ counselor/ football comissioner at my home youth camp for several years. I have listened to lots of sermons from him, some more than once, but no more than four times. I have learned something every time. Yes I really mean when I have heard the same sermon the second or third time, I still learned something! Altough he is a bit delusional about his sports loyalties and has been accused of being overly competitive, he is an amazing guy and a super awesome preacher/evangelist/scholar of the word. You should most definitely head over to his blog and read it, follow it, love it.

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