Friday, August 5, 2011

5 discoveries I made this week

I wanted to write some funny amazing story or a wry observation as a "I'm relaxed and ready to get back to posting". Unfortunately, I have been thinking off and on this week and come up with nothing. I have been sitting here at the computer for a couple hours now and still have nothing. I have one thought that may or may not develop into a whole post. If it doesn't, I'll leave you with the part that I have.

5 discoveries I made this week.

1.Fall/Winter collection Scentsy is going to cost me money! I have more wax than I need and I saw a preview of the Fall/Winter 2011. I saw 3 warmers and a Scentsy buddy that I like. That doesn't include the new scents! There is even a consultant in my building at school. I have to limit what I buy.

2. How to eat I can eat better with a few little steps. 1. Weed out soda. I don't drink a whole lot now, but I'm going to work my way down to none. 2. Look at ingredient lists and pick stuff with less of them. 3. Eat less High Fructose Corn Syurp. If I'm going to eat sugar or sugar like stuff, I want the real thing.

3. Reading I am in the middle of Catching Fire in The Hunger Games trilogy. I keep trying to get back to it, but I can't do it. The main character is in the middle of some really rough stuff and I just can't read it. I can't read the pain and suffering she's going to have get through. I know it is okay in the end because I read the last few sentences of the last book. Even though I know this, I'm having trouble getting back to it.

4. Prayercast Prayercast is a group with a channel on YouTube. They have people praying for countries around the world. Several of these people are from the countries for which they are praying. These prayers mixed with the images from these countries are amazing, moving, and breathtaking. Incredible, Incredible, Incredible!

5. Russell Crowe I have only watched 2 of his movies. I went to IMDB when I could only think of 2. Then I discovered that I really have only watched 2. How is that possible? I don't know. Several of his movies seem so interesting, but I have not seen them. I will have to correct that.

Ah... I did it. I made a whole post. It's mostly drivel, but I did it. I really did discover those things this week and I hope you discovered a little something this week as well.


  1. i've been trying to get rid of soda for months, but i just love Sundrop so i can't get off of it. but just barely getting off of it is much better than my idea just to get rid of it all at once. and also, i have always wanted to read those books. they seem so interesting and i want to see the movie too. a guy at my school was actually in the movie, so that also got me interested. i don't like reading much, but that's definitely a series i wanna read. so if you ever finished and it was good, let me know! -kayla

  2. I actually only got to the middle of that one and I read the last chapter of the last book. There is plenty of action to keep you busy, but I thought it was lacking a little in the relationships between characters. If you aren't an avid reader, then the action will keep you reading.

  3. Soda soda soda eating healthy healthy healthy those are two veryy hard things. At one point I was doing so well with only drinking water and it was a lot better for me. But then I wanted flavor and I had one soda and I was hooked back on it. Its hard to get off like most addicting things are. I know how reading something hard someone is going through can affect you as well. Its like watching one of the comoassion videos, when you see it you look down at your stomach and realize you hwav eaten that day and are not starving. You realize you've had baths and have ahome to go back to. It makes you think and feel what they are feeling. Reading can be the same thing.-jordan