Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#100! Breaking all the rules

So today I attended a presentation about blogging. It was just a little overview of blogging and some tips about how to make your blog better. It was a good presentation. It was simple and to the point. Great for beginning bloggers and some good reminders for us experienced bloggers who have 100 posts. (Can you tell I'm little excited about that number?) I sat listening to this presentation and thought, "I don't do that. Or that. Or that." So I thought a post about how I break all the blogging rules seemed to be appropriate.

One of the first valid points made was that a successful blog can't just be about personal reflection because it doesn't connect to others. It is just about me. He listed a couple other purposes for blogging and I'm not sure if I fit in with those purposes. I think I am more of a reflection blogger. I was in no way offended by hearing this and realizing this about my blog. I actually thought it was humorous.

Then he mentioned finding your hook, focusing on what you blog about. Once again I thought, "That isn't me." I don't have just one or two things I blog about, hence the title. He also mentioned identifying your readers or who you want your readers to be. I have no clue who I want my readers to be. Mostly, it's people who know me. The others, I suppose find my blogging voice to be interesting.

Using effective titles and useful and unique content are also rules I am breaking. I really don't think too hard about the titles of my posts. I just put something up there that is related to my content. I don't think my content is particularly useful, unless you want to know how.... Nope it's just not useful. I suppose it is unique because I am unique, but not so unique that no one else is saying what I am. I'm sure there are others out there talking about their lives and experiencing stuff like I am.

So today I learned that I am breaking all the blogging rules and that I don't mind. Please understand that I am in NO WAY discounting these rules. They are all true and valid rules. I am not following them and I don't plan on trying to follow them. I am not trying to be rebellious or anything. I just enjoy this little corner of the blogosphere and discovering my voice through this method. One tip that I am going to try to start is to encourage more commenting. How do I do that? End my blog with questions related to my content that will hopefully stimulate your thoughts and ideas. Then you will share those with me. So my questions for this week?

On your blog, what rules are you breaking? Will you change that? Why?

If you don't blog, think of the blogs you follow. What rules do they break? Do you enjoy that? Why?


  1. I enjoy reading your blog! I feel maybe the fact you break the rules is why! I enjoy reading about your adventures as a christian wife and mom. I enjoy seeing your perspective on things! Keep breaking those rules and being you!

  2. Sometimes you have to think of rules like these as suggestions. Things that apply to some people but not everyone. Its good to be different and unique in how you write and what you wwrite about. Otherwise it would get rather monotonous to read sometimes. Those rules could work for some people but not everyone. I think its great you have your own way of writing your blogs and I think the rules are one suggestion you should ignore.