Monday, July 11, 2011

Uninspired no more

After reading this blog post over at The Esau Project I thought, "Wow! That's honest!" Followed by, "Wow, that's me right now." So I decided today to start doing something about it. After Ben's nap and the grocery store visit, I put on my exercise shorts and walking shoes. Then I took Ben for a walk around 2 blocks of our neighborhood. Now you are thinking, "Oooooh. What a workout!" Well it was for me and by the end of this blog post, I'm going to convince it was too.

My goals are pretty basic. I want to exercise a little every day. By exercise, I mean do something to make me sweat. I want to lose 10 to 15 pounds over the next 12 to 18 months. I want to drink more water and less caffeine. I want my size 14 pants to fit better. (Yes, I just put my size up on the internet for everyone to read. Marilyn Monroe was about the same size. I'm not ashamed.) My goals are simple because I want to make these changes forever and not just for a short period, so I can lose some weight. If it works and I lose more, then great. If not, I'm okay with that. So with these basic goals in mind, a walk around the neighborhood is good. In this walk around the neighborhood, I pushed a 30 pound child in his stroller and our neighborhood has some big hills. So I pushed him up the hill and then up the massive hill. We came in to cool off and he wanted to walk some more. I walked him around one block and this time I ran with the stroller a little bit. By a little bit, I mean a couple seconds at a time. However, I did it 4 times. So going from doing nothing to walking/running around 2 tough blocks with hills is a good workout for me. Also, I did this in the massive heat we had today. So I'm fighting back against the slothfulness the heat causes. Oh and I got to spend some quality time with my son. A good workout now becomes quality time and a workout.

This was a really big deal for me because I have been struggling quite a bit with how to be a good mom and be healthy/pretty. If I take time for a shower or exercise or make-up, then I'm taking time away from Ben. If I give him the time he deserves, then I can't exercise, shower, look better. Well, that is a big fat LIE! I worked out and spent plenty of time with him today! After our walk, we had dinner. He took a bath and we played Giddyup and Peek-A-Boo. I read him stories, said our prayers, and rocked for a bit. Now he's asleep and I'm blogging.

There was one thing that didn't happen today, that was Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While I love my social media, I do not need it 24/7. I did spend a little too much time on Angry Birds. Thanks Amanda S. for introduction to that. I also read a few pages of a book. I'm not that interested in that one, so I'm going to look for another one. But I got off the computer and read a book.

One last thing I did today, I picked graham crackers over chocolate. I wanted something sweet for after dinner, so I thought about getting chocolate. However I didn't want to spend almost $5 on one bag of chocolate. So I spent $5 on 2 boxes of graham crackers that Ben and I can share. It's amazing what a well timed blog post can do! Now I'm going to get off of here and get to bed early, so I can get up early and continue my streak of doing something!


  1. Way to go! You're right about the heat. It makes me sssooooo sluggish. So I found a pool and swam and exercised and remedied that sluggishness myself. When I got out to run this morning at 6 a.m. it was already 82 degrees, and my air conditioner hasn't shut off since I got home at 4 this evening...and it's 10. Gag. Glad we were able to both be a little inspired today. Great post!!!

  2. Ugh. I hate working out in the heat. It's a good thing I live in a relatively cool country cause last time I ran in 27 degree celcius weather I almost died. This Canadian girl can't handle exercise in the heat! So good for you! You can do it!

  3. That's a greta thing to do! Its so hard for me to find time to do these things. I know I have time but I don't have as much motivation as I wish I did. My friend and I talked about working out over the summer but you know that never happened. Hopefully sometime skoon I can get enough motivation to get working on it. -jordan