Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stronger, better, bigger faith

Since I'm on vacation, I'm going to post a few quick thoughts.

Several weeks ago, I heard a story about a man who was unceremoniously released from his teaching position at a Bible college. He had been there for many years and then he just wasn't anymore. How did he respond? Not with a cross word. Not with complaining. He just accepted it and moved on to other things in life. What are these other things? A daily devotional that he emails out to people and posts on Facebook. Some might say that he has stronger faith or more faith or maybe he's better person.

After some thinking, I disagree with all of these. I think he is just more submissive. He submits that what is going on in life is up to God. God is in control, so he doesn't need to be. Yes you could say that to do so requires stronger faith. However by doing so, you strengthen your faith. So to me that seems like an argument about the chicken or the egg. So next time you think about someone who is a better person than you or someone who has more faith than you do, think about how submissive they are and you can follow that example.


  1. first off.. i wonder if you have to be a christian to work at a bible college? hm... probably but anyways.. dang he didnt even complain about it? i would have! shoooot if i would have lost a good paying job like that i w9ould have flipped out? but i guess he was either really mad on the inside that he just hid it from the world orrr that he as you said was just willing to let god have control of his life and just go with gods flow

  2. I don't think it is actually a requirement to be a Christian to work at a Christian college. I think you have to sound like one more than be one. I"m sure there are some of both there though. Assuming this guy is human, he was probably mad and letting God have control both. That's the way we work most often in my opinion.