Saturday, July 9, 2011

My week in 5 simple points

So after thinking and thinking all week, I just don't have any good ideas to follow up my two awesome Honduras posts. Not that they were awesome because I wrote them, but they were awesome because those kids are so great that they make it awesome. Since I have nothing to say, I'll give you a short list of what I have done this week.

1. Google+ After hearing some whispers and rumors, I found out that Google's version of Facebook is up and running for a select few. Of course I wanted to be on the cutting edge and be a part of this. I'm rather techy and media savvy, so it makes sense. Thanks to my wonderful friend and twitter pal, Herschel invited me. I invited a few more and now I'm out of invites. It is still very new and limited in actual capabilities, but I can see incredible potential. So I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

2. Poetry Last night when I was up later than I needed to be, like now, I was reading through some old poetry that I wrote. Bad teenage poetry really takes one back, at least it did for me. And in this time travel process, I discovered something. I like writing poetry. I like to come up with story lines and characters in my head, but actually putting them on paper is totally different. I don't like the writing out the story process. However, I can write a story with a poem and I get to use really cool turns of phrases. So even if it is bad adult poetry, I'm going to try my hand at that again.

My Promise (1995 or 1996)

Anything you want it's yours...You want my life, take it...I trust you...I would give you anything...I would give up anything for you...I will let my dreams die for your will to be done...You are my God and always will be...I love you...I will obey you...I will be loyal to you...I will fight the Devil with you...I will not give in to him...He can not have me...Because I am your servant and child...You are my God and always will be...This is my promise to you.

Creative Commons License
My Promise by Andrea Ward is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Written shortly after I started putting Jesus first. Written in the style of James J. Metcalfe. I don't like the 'normal' look of poetry because I don't like the different line lengths and worrying about punctuation or fixing line lengths. So I saw a book of poetry by Metcalfe that was written this way and adopted it for myself.

3. Haircut I have been really frustrated with my hair for the last 2 months or so. The ends were split and it always looked bad. So I've had a lot of ponytails and braids to cover for the OMG!-your-hair-looks-bad style I've had. Thankfully, today I had a hair appointment. I told my fabulous stylist at Richard Anthony Hair that I wanted it cut to just below my shoulders, layered, with long bangs. Of course Krystal did an amazing job. I love it and it looks pretty again. Yay!

4. Fireworks With this week being Independence day here in the States, we watched some fireworks and shot a few off ourselves. We just had a few little fountain ones, some morning glories, sparklers, and poppers. Not any of the expensive, big, fancy fireworks, but it was great for us. Thanks to my super awesome brother in law, we got some pretty great photos of the night too. The best part was the fact that we just walked into our house when we were done. No long lines trying to leave!

5. Projects: Done! I have a presentation at church about Honduras on Sunday, so I had to work on getting that together. I also wanted to put together a little video montage of Ben this weekend. I got both done. I made the Prezi about Honduras and put together a video montage. (I'll post those later. I want the church to be the first to see the finished product.) I also put together a video montage of Ben. That was more than a little difficult because the videos were from my phone. So I had to download a converter, so I could put them into Movie Maker and put them together. AND I posted a bunch of photos to Facebook of Easter, the 4th, and Honduras.

VERY, VERY basic video. I am totally relying on Ben's cuteness to make it interesting.

So that is a summary of my week. If you like lists and want to read a really good list, check out The Esau Project every Friday. Julie posts 10 Things every Friday. Her lists are so good I even read them on my cell phone. My list wasn't as cool as hers so if you read this one, you will definitely want to go read hers.

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