Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Good Stuff

Last weekend I posted some good articles that I read. I read some more good stuff, so I thought I would post it again. I'm not sure if I'll be doing this every week or not, but I'll try to post one of these when I've read several good articles.

New Ways Forward - Evolution, Adam, and Racism An interesting insight into a benefit of Adam being the father of the human race. It really made me think.

Journey to the Field: Brazil Bound - Dear God A wonderful post straight from the heart as God is challenging this couple in new ways. Amazing stuff here!

Compassion International Blog - How far would you go? We often take for granted what a precious commodity we have in fresh water. These people don't. You should read about it.

The Rabbit Room - The power of stories I am totally in love with stories of any kind in any form, so I thought this was a great post.

This is my Blog - With Us
Amazing insights from a military wife about God. You should definitely go read this one! I'm not sure how to describe it other than wonderful.

reversing a-pathetic Christianity - Can you call down fire from heaven?
Wow! This was a challenging post to read! I'm not sure that I'm brave enough in my faith to pray like this, but I probably should be.

I Hope... - Geek Status
I consider myself a geek, so it was great to hear other people claim it too.

UPDATE on My Radical Experiment: I finished the book of Exodus this morning and I"m closing in on the end of the countries that start with the letter C.

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