Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last year: The day we bollixed it

So as I said Monday, I'm on vacation in Illinois visiting my family. So I thought I would repost one from last year. After reading through a few, this one seemed good. And WOW am I glad that Ben sleeps through the night consistently now.

Original post: 6/28/10

So last Thursday had to be one of the most "interesting" days I have had. So we get up and Drew is going to work for a little bit before Ben's gymnastics class. Hopefully, he'll get enough done to go with us. Yay for family time right? Not so much. Drew didn't get any work done because his computer went kaput. Total kaput.

So Ben and I go to class. This week like last week, Ben just wants to run around. He isn't interested in any of the gymnastics things. He just runs. I get him to try to climb on or over a couple things and he giggles. Then goes back to running. He stops and climbs up the back of one of those things they use to jump on the balance beam and what not. He climbs up the back and runs down it. He seems to think that's fun so I thought maybe it would be fun for the both of us to run up the big (like 2 feet tall at the most) wedge mat thingy. So we ran up it and jumped off. Fun right? Not so much.

When we jumped off, we landed on a slope, which I didn't expect, so I landed funny on my foot. Ben runs off laughing and the teacher of the group is paranoid because I'm hurt. Of course she is thinking, please don't sue us and shortly followed by I hope you are okay. She goes to get Ben and bring him back to me. I sit there for a minute and get up and walk on it. It hurts, but it seems pretty okay. We finish the class. She hopes I get to feeling better and we head home. As I walk out to the car and drive home, my foot starts hurting a little more and I'm laughing at myself because I hurt myself at a 1 and 2 year old gymnastics class.

I get home and Drew sees that I have hurt myself, but I tell him I'm mostly okay. Then he tells me about his morning. Yes his computer is totally dead and I had the keys to his car, so he couldn't go get a new one. He started trying to work on mine. First he had to load the software on mine and set it up, which took some doing. Then he started to try to use it, but he has to use the F1 to F5 keys. Most computers not a problem. My computer, he has to hit the function key and then hit the F1, etc. So it's going SLOWLY for him. His plan had been to go to Best Buy and get what he needed while I kept Ben and then we go on like normal. Except now I have hurt my foot and it is hurting more by the minute.

Now we're really in a pickle, his work is going to take him twice as long because he's working on a foreign computer and is due by 6pm. He has to run after Ben because I can't. And possibly most importantly, do I need to go to the doctor? If so, how do we fit that in? Well, I have never broken, sprained, etc. a body part, so I really have no clue what either one feels like. My foot is not swelling and there is no bruising. So we decide to elevate it and ice it and see what happens. Well, what happens is that it HURTS!! I bug Drew a time or two about how do I know if I broke it? We go back to the doctor conversation. We decide that it's probably a bad sprain and keep elevating and icing it.

Ben is behaving super! He's not getting into any of the stuff he isn't supposed to and he is playing by himself very well. So we're going along pretty good until late afternoon. Drew is going to go to Best Buy and get a computer. What to do with Ben? He goes to Nana's. I get to relax, Drew gets a new computer, and Ben gets Nana time. All's well right? Mmmm... not so much.

Ben didn't get his whole nap out because he fell asleep before lunch. He got up hungry and ate pretty good, but it was late. Nana gave him a pretty good snack, which some days is the size of his dinner. The toddler tummy is a fun thing! Ben comes home exhausted, so we play a little and then he goes to bed. I'm thinking well, he must have gotten full with his snack. He's not acting hungry, so sleeping a little early is okay. Drew finished working, I kept relaxing, and Ben is sleeping. Rough day, but it's ending nicely right? Nope, not over yet.

I normally get Ben back to sleep when he wakes up, which recently has been rarely and only with a little whining. A smidgen of a back rub and he's back asleep. However, with my foot, Drew is going to get Ben tonight. Poor Drew. Ben wakes up a little madder than usual a little before 2 am. Drew tries my tricks to get him back to sleep. Nothing doing. Drew brings him to bed to see if I can help. Ben roots and rolls and flips and flops. None of us get back to sleep and Ben gets more angry. So by the time he's really screaming we realize he might be hungry or thirsty. We try some milk in a sippy. Nothing. We try some Cheerios. Nothing. He's still screaming. We call Nana, yes at 2 am. She is wonderful and doesn't mind this. She tells us to come over and we'll figure out if he's sick, ear infection pain or something, hungry, or something else. The ride to Nana's helped calm him down. He eats some yogurt and some Cheerios. He drinks a sippy full of milk. He then thinks it's time to play. So we play for a little bit and about 4 am, Ben starts to get tired. We go home. He goes to bed and we go to bed. Finally the day is over.

Moral of the story, even if physically things are going wrong and work is going wrong, don't forget to feed your kid or no one gets to sleep. So yeah, that is the story of the day we bollixed it. Thankfully, God gives us chances to start over and Friday was much better.

ONE MORE NOTE: Because of the ankle, Drew had to go to a quinceanera that was all in Spanish. I don't make it easy for him!


  1. Just wait for next week's You, Me, and Jesus post. Last night was another one of "those" days. Not quite like this post, but it should make for funny reading material.

  2. After reading this I think the saying " if momma ain't happy then no ones happy" should be changed to " if bens not happy no one sleeps" or something like that but more catchy. I hate having those days where everything goes wrong. But hey that only means tomorrow would be better. I can't believe this was so long ago it feels like a few months ago. That's crzy time flies! -jordan