Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The last word

This week I had a funny post and an observational post. I wasn't sure where to post which one. As you may or may not know, I have 2 blogs. This one and a faith blog. If you follow that one, you know I'm not really funny over there much, so today I put the funny one over there. It needs a little funny and I'll put the observational post here. What am I observing? I'm so glad you asked!

Blogging, texting, and other places where you might digitally converse with someone. It is an odd way to communicate, but I kinda love it. I really, really hate talking on the phone. I only call my mother and when I absolutely HAVE to talk to some professional. So I text or email when I can. I prefer the written word. However, it does have some difficulties. For instance when you are texting and the conversation is coming to and end, who has the last word? Is it too "I have to have the last word" to say an extra Thanks or Bye? Is it rude not to answer with that? My solution is to sometimes say the extra word and sometimes not.

Facebook and Twitter are similar with this issue. Do you like every nice comment? Do you only like the ones you really like? What about on Twitter when someone says something great? Do you tweet just to say, "Great thought."? Do you retweet it even if your followers won't understand why it is great? My solution is sometimes to quote it and add a comment on Twitter. If not that, then I leave it alone. Facebook, I only like what I actually like whether funny or clever or nice.

Blogging is the most complicated of all. There are so many unwritten rules that I don't know. The ones I know confuse me. If someone comments on your blog, you should go comment on theirs. Maybe it's me, but that seems so superficial. If I commented on yours, then it's because you said something particularly wonderful and I want to say so. That does not require you to come here and post something when I didn't say anything wonderful. Not that you shouldn't comment on here, but if you do make sure it is a real thought. If you do comment, then should I reply to every comment if I only have a "Thanks" or "Great idea" to comment back. Do those words become hollow because I use them too much? If so, then do I reserve them for only when I mean it? If I do that, then do I seem rude to not respond? Another issue, how often should you comment? If someone posts a really great post and then their next post is another great one, I usually only comment on one. However, recently I read two posts that were really great. One was so awesome that I only said, "Great post!" Hint: If I say something that short, then I'm blown away and can't say anything else, but that. So then the second great post comes along and I have a comment. My first thought was to not say anything because I posted on the previous one. This is a blog that I have read, but not commented on so going from nothing to two seems extreme. I kept my comment to myself and thought of this blog post. Then I thought, "This whole thing is stupid." If I have something to say, then say it. It wasn't negative or anything. It was empathy for a similar experience and commenting on the other fabulousness of the post. So I said it. I've been kinda paranoid all day too. I've checked it a few times to see if there was a comment back or something. There has been nothing, so I don't know what he thought. Now I'm back to the commenting on every comment. So I have made a big circle and come back to blogging is complicated and I don't know who is supposed to have the last word.


  1. Eh, I just post whatever I want. Sometimes I look like a stalker. It's ok, I'm not too worried until the restraining orders come out :)

    And I would love to have you write something for me! Your email isn't set up for me to be able to reply to your comments, so you can email me your post at Thanks! :)

  2. I will email it to you and I'll have to fix the email thing as well.

  3. I feel this way too sometimes. Like hmm what should I say to this. Do I have to like this just cause they took the time to do it. Do I need to say goodbye back? Aren't they already gone if they said bye? But then I think i m really over thinking this nobody will care too much. But yes technology ediquate is hard to understand sometimes. -jordan